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Creating and Curating social media content


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A brief overview of creating and curating social media content. Taken from my "Ten Minute Tech Talk" at the 12th Annual Valley Business Expo. Any q's, come to our Facebook Page and ask!!

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Creating and Curating social media content

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing AgencyOurFocusIsSocialMedia!OurFocusIsSocialMedia!/TalkingFinger @TalkingFinger
  2. 2. How to Create, Curate andImplementSocial MediaCONTENT
  3. 3. CONTENT IS KINGA Good Strategy Includes Good Content!EngagingOpen Ended ConversationInterestingEducationalFunOff the wallContradictoryASK QUESTIONS!
  4. 4. Helpful? Content that offers tips or valuable informationShareable? Ask yourself if would YOU sharethis piece of content!Represents Your Culture?Capitalize on Current Events?Wide Variety...
  5. 5. “What TO Wear”Good Content Should “Dress Up” in a Varietyof Clothing!
  6. 6. Use Keywords that Define YOU
  7. 7. News Aggregators
  8. 8. Re-Tweets and SharesMany times you know which other Facebook Pages,Twitter profiles, Vines, Pinterest Boards, Instagramaccounts etc...consistently have good content andvaluable posts.They may be in your industry or they may be acomplement to your business so your audience will alsobe interested in their content.Not only are you providing content, but you arebuilding relationships...and one day they willreturn the favor!
  9. 9. Look Around You!How is that Made?EmployeeSpotlightsImages, VideosA Day in the OfficeNew Products and ServicesAnniversaries New TechnologyUnlimited Content...
  10. 10. People do Business with People they Know
  11. 11. Professional Content Writers
  12. 12. Best Practices For Your Content StrategyFor Longevity And Best Chance of Full Exposure,Make Posts About The Same “Topic” In A“Staggered” Fashion.1. Immediately Post To Facebook2. Tweet Out Two Hours Later3. Post To Google+ The Next Day4. Tweet it Out At A Different Time Than Yesterday5. Post on LinkedIn Profile On Day on...
  13. 13. Best Practices For Your Content StrategyAlso, Be Sure to Speak the Language of the SocialNetwork you are Posting to!Twitter: Succinct, Use Hashtags, LinksFacebook: Extrapolate a Bit, Ask OpinionLinkedIn: Be factual, Concise, Thought Leader
  14. 14. The Calendar
  15. 15. Immediate ActionsAssess Each QuarterMonthly ActionsLong Term Initiatives
  16. 16. Daily andWeeklyActionsOn WhichNetworkRecord Basic Analytics
  17. 17. ANALYTICS!!!Done monthly acrossall platforms to define initiatives. This is the cornerstone of success!
  18. 18. Use Analytics to Redefine ContentAnalytics Tell the “Story” Of What You Post and theCorrelations Of Day, Time, Type Of Post, Virality andMost Important...How Your Audience Responds to Your Content!
  19. 19. It Can Also Tell You Where TrafficCame From-Track Efforts of MovingPeople to TargetedLocations-Nail Down WhatNetworks areWorking-Increase/Decrease/StopTime on Efforts
  20. 20. Thank you!Learn More, Ask Questions, Engage!/TalkingFinger @TalkingFinger203-491-0306