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Pingpong is built for customers of web-hosts and Domain Registrars. Partner with us today and start earning upto 80% commissions from your customers.

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Pingpong Partner Presentation

  1. 1. 1 Chat for Teams & Workplaces Made for customers of Web hosts & Domain Resellers© 2012 Pingpong
  2. 2. Agenda2 What is Pingpong? How does it work for my customer? How much does it cost? How do I make money with it? What are the other benefits for me? What are the upcoming features? How will I support it? How do I get started? What are the next steps? Who do I talk to if I have questions?© 2012 Pingpong
  3. 3. Pingpong – a chat solution for your customers3 Features that your Customers get • Chat @TheirDomain • Desktop, Web & Mobile clients • Send and receive Free SMS • Amazing Group Chat • Company directory • Read and Delivery confirmations • Instant file sharing • Unlimited Searchable History • Comprehensive Admin Panel© 2012 Pingpong
  4. 4. Let’s look under the hood …4 Here’s what the client for Windows, Mac and Linux looks like© 2012 Pingpong
  5. 5. Let’s look under the hood …5 Here’s what the mobile clients look like© 2012 Pingpong
  6. 6. Integration6 Built ground up to be provided via web hosts, registrars, domain resellers Zero-hassle integration  Automatically setup for each domain and email account  Branded communication to your customers© 2012 Pingpong
  7. 7. Easy on your customer’s budget7 The Basic edition of Pingpong is completely FREE for your customers¹ The Pro edition of Pingpong will retail at $1/user/month for your customers1: The basic version must be offered free by you to your customers - a paid Pro version is available – please read on© 2012 Pingpong
  8. 8. 8 How do you make money from this product?© 2012 Pingpong
  9. 9. Revenue share from the Pro edition9 All Partners get a revenue share from the Pro edition  Select initial partners will receive our highest revenue share (80%) The Pro edition provides -  Unlimited History (basic edition comes with limited history)  Unlimited support (we take care of it in a white labeled fashion)  Increased File sharing limits (50MB against the 20MB provided by the free version)© 2012 Pingpong
  10. 10. Revenue Estimates10 Revenue estimates for you  Number of domains: 10,000  Conservative Conversion: 1%*  Average number of users per domain: 10**  Gross Revenue per year: $12,000  Your Revenue: $9,600  Your effort/cost: ZERO * Based on 50% of the observed conversion rate for chat services in the entire gTLD set ** Based on average number of email accounts per domain© 2012 Pingpong
  11. 11. 11 Other Benefits© 2012 Pingpong
  12. 12. #1: Carry a product that no-one currently offers12 Nobody offers such a product  competitors / industry peers / service providers GoDaddy x 1&1 x Network Solutions x x Create differentiation in Enom x your product portfolio Tucows x InternetX x Key Systems Gmbh x© 2012 Pingpong
  13. 13. #2: State-of-the-art product made for you13 Competing chat products sell for a substantial amount  with no revenue share, space for your ads, or built-in partner integration Pingpong hipchat Campfire Skype Built for partners  x x x Revenue share for partners  x x x You can make $$ Rev share and sales $0 $0 $0© 2012 Pingpong
  14. 14. Upcoming features?14 Web client for Safari, Firefox, etc. Mac client Mobile client for Windows phone VOIP/ Video chat Web URLs for each chat user • e.g., Support for other networks –AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Advanced integration APIs and more …© 2012 Pingpong
  15. 15. Who handles support?15 We do! We handle everything in a white labeled fashion  No additional support requirements at your end  All support handled through white labeled forums  Paid customers get priority support through a white labeled support team© 2012 Pingpong
  16. 16. 16 Thank you© 2012 Pingpong