Talent Intelligence Overview


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Talent Intelligence Overview

  1. 1. Overview
  2. 2. IntroductionTalent Intelligence is a global leadership risk management company that solves its clientscritical talent challenges through the integration of external talent intelligence in key areas ofsuccession, talent pipelining and competitor intelligence.Our core service offerings are: • Succession Intelligence • Talent Pipeline Intelligence • Competitive Intelligence • Leadership Risk Management SystemsTalent Intelligence provides client stakeholders with the ability to include benchmarkedexternal talent, and related actionable intelligence, against planned or unplanned changes inthe structure, composition and performance of their own leadership team on a continual real-time basis.The result is improved speed, quality and reduced cost around strategic successionmanagement and workforce planning. This in turn provides the basis for sustainedcompetitive advantage, improved return on investment and enhanced business performance.
  3. 3. Succession IntelligenceSuccession planning is a critical corporate governance and business issue for the Board, CEOand HR Leadership Team.Succession Intelligence delivers accurate, timely and relevant benchmarking of external talentagainst critical leadership positions. Our dedicated service delivery teams apply provenintelligence methodologies, creative thinking and trusted advice on a continuous basis to addressand solve the risks and gaps in the succession planning process.The key to our success is our ability to gain a deep understanding of the business strategy,current and desired business context, and organizational imperatives as they align and apply tobest practice strategic succession and talent management planning. Board CEO & Direct Reports Mission Critical Positions Internal Successors Succession Pool External Successors Ready Now Ready Now Internal Successors Future External Successors Ready Later Succession Pool Ready Later Enterprise Wide External Talent Talent Bench Talent Pools Bench
  4. 4. Talent Pipeline IntelligenceThe success of every organization is contingent on having the best and most relevant talent.The risk of not being able to plan for and fill mission critical generic and / or job family rolesahead of demand (and ahead of the competition) can represent a significant threat.Our Talent Pipelining Intelligence solution addresses and mitigates this threat. Working closelywith our clients in forecasting demands and leadership alignment risks, we build and continuallymanage live external talent pools benchmarked against mission critical generic roles and/or jobfamilies.This is a strategic capability that no business can afford to be without. Generic PositionsTalent Pipelining Intelligence can Job Familiesaddress a number of situations such as:• Transformation• Where recruitment has been difficult Incumbents Bench strength External Talent• Multiple geographies (mobility) Internal Talent Pool Combined Talent External Talent• Hard to find skills Pool Pools• High turnover• High growth area• Newly created roles
  5. 5. Competitive IntelligenceOur Competitive Intelligence service provides our clients with the ability toout-maneuver, out-wit and out-smart their competitors by picking up, advisingand reporting on critical business and/or organizational questions as theyarise.We provide confidential, detailed project strategies and actionable insights inthe following key areas:• Diversity Intelligence• Mergers and Acquisitions (“Talent Due Diligence”)• Competitor Benchmarking• New Market Entry• Structural and/or Capability Gap Analysis & Benchmarking• Launching New Products or Services
  6. 6. Leadership Risk Management SystemsTalent Intelligence has a range of smart web-based software tools that have been purposedesigned and built by our in-house technical team. Our technology supports our service deliverymodel whilst ensuring transparency, access and ownership of all the data generated on a client’sbehalf. The core technology products supporting our services model are:Talent Management Intelligence System (TIMS) - Succession Intelligence - Talent Pipeline IntelligenceCarillionTIMS is a configurable Application Service Provider (ASP) system that is established for all clients.TIMS will allows authorized key stakeholders on-demand access to the internal and external dataand intelligence for review and application as required.Carillion provides many of the capabilities that TIMS offers however is a more sophisticated, robustand leading edge system purpose built for the internal management of top talent. The system isdesigned specifically for succession management, leadership development, identifying leadershiprisk and implementing acceleration programs to achieve improved business and organizationalperformance. One of the advantages of Carillion is that it can be rapidly deployed and utilized withminimal configuration at a sensible investment level.
  7. 7. Features• Business model specifically designed to plan, control and mitigate leadership risk• Global capability and reach• Partnership with limited clients per industry sector (often just with one)• Dedicated Service Delivery Teams for each client – no competing priorities• Leading edge and proven competitive intelligence methodologies and techniques• Intelligence continually updated via purpose built web-based systems• 24x7 secure access to all the intelligence for approved client stakeholders• Range of on-demand and customized intelligence and management reports
  8. 8. Benefits• External succession pool of “ready now” benchmarked talent for specific leadership positions (Succession Intelligence)• External talent qualified against critical generic positions and/or job families (Talent Pipelining Intelligence)• Full coverage of the competitor talent landscape based on our one client per sector model• Reduced risk around business continuity in relation to mergers, acquisitions, transformation, etc• Clients direct, control and own all of the intelligence generated on their behalf• Measurable return on investment and value eg unlimited hires with no placement fees• Improved governance and risk management