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The Synopsis of the plot for my film for my Media Foundation Portfolio.

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  1. 1. Talie Colbourne 12F Synopsis CRIMINALS CLUB A psychological crime thriller DETECTIVE WHITTAKER has solved many, many crimes throughout his time as a detective; but the current crime is one to baffle him to a whole new level. Aided by his handy sidekick SOPHIA RICHARDSON, Whittaker sets out to defeat SAM HURST, the latest playing piece of the Criminals Club, in order for him to retire happily and finally be done with this group of unruly criminals. Detective Whittaker is an aging detective who has lived in Birmingham, UK for his whole life, he has solved a great deal of crimes in the area. As the present day has come around, he is due for retirement from dealing with these crimes which have all been linked in one way or another. He now hopes to pass his knowledge and expertise onto Sophia Richardson, a young bubbly brunette who has been working alongside Whittaker for months and learning everything he has to teach. Together they have powered through to beat the plans of RICHARD HURST; who has been planning crimes from the inside and using relatives of his fellow prisoners to play out his dirty work. His latest playing piece is Sam Hurst, his younger brother and doting father to LAURA HURST; he eventually gets mixed up in the bad plans of his older brother and loses his daughter, whom he would do anything for, to her mother. For many years, Detective Whittaker has been solving the crimes manipulated by no other than Richard Hurst - but no more will he let himself spend time on this unruly criminal. The Criminals Club - led by Richard - sit around in their dim prison socialisation room, using flashbacks of their previous crimes to plan the crime to end all crimes and ultimately take down Whittaker once and for all. Little do they know that Whittaker and Sophia are already onto them and have plans to stop them in their tracks and save the people they plan to harm. The film climaxes in a shootout in a damp, disused warehouse where Whittaker and Sophia stop Sam from playing his part before it is too late. Whittaker throws Sam into the socialisation room to astonished looks from the Criminals Club before leaving and saying “I’m done with all of you”.