Working titles and warp


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Working titles and warp

  1. 1. • Working Titles is a British film company created by Tim Bevan and Sarah Radclyffe in 1983. Universal Studios owns this company. • Working Title has made over 100 films that have grossed nearly $6 billion worldwide. • It has won 10 academy awards, one was awarded for the film ‘les miserables’. • The company has ongoing collaborations with certain actors and directors who have a reputation in the film world which brings in more views meaning more money. • From since this company was founded their films have evolved, based on how we as a british audience consume films compared to how american audiences do. The type and majority target audience has changed thus changing how the films are
  2. 2. • My beautiful Laundrette • How much it cost to make: How much it made in the UK: $2,451,545 How much it made in the US: $0 Was it a success? • This film was only shown in the UK, it wouldn’t have been successful overseas because of the films context, it was about outsiders in London such as the Pakistani boy who is the main character ‘Omar’. Americans love the typical ‘British’ stereotype as it seems sophisticated and cultured, which these characters do not fit so the American audience wouldn’t digest it well enough to enjoy and understand the films content.
  3. 3. • Four Weddings and a Funeral • How much it cost to make: $4.4Million How much it made: $245 Million Was it a success? • Four Weddings and a Funeral was released in 1994 and soon became the most successful film in British film history of that time. This success was somewhat unexpected. • A film like this wouldn’t have been successful without backing from a big studio, because of the risk it takes being British cinema, it would’ve had to have been distributed exceptionally well overseas to be successful, which would not have been possible if it was made by a small budget independent film company.
  4. 4. • Hugh Grant starred in many of Richard Curtis’ films, which helped with the success of the films, people loved Hugh Grant so would want to go see the films he was in regardless of the storyline. This also advanced Grant’s career. • The film also stars American actors which makes the American audience want to watch the film also. • This reflects how using a celebrity aids film distribution as it helps sell the film, some people tend to go and see a film just because a certain celeb is in it, regardless of the films storyline or genre.
  5. 5. • The film’s storyline has that typical ‘British-ness’ about it, looking at the quirky life of a middle class British man. This sells exceptionally well with the American audience as they can digest it well as the differences to their own culture appeal greatly too them. • What happens in the film also appeals to the American audience, the essence of British romance appeals to Americans more than watching a film about a ordinary guy working in a factory for example, as it’s exciting and thrilling.
  6. 6. UK Film Poster US Film Poster
  7. 7. • Worlds End • How much it cost to make: Budget of $20 million Current Box Office earnings: $46,089,287 Was it a success? • This film was a success as it is the 3rd of the ‘cornetto trilogy’ to ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Hot Fuzz’. It started off with ‘Shaun of the Dead’ being made for a British Audience, but the fact it had the ‘typical British-ness’ shown in the characters made it a hit in the US. Therefore the other two of the trilogy have been successful also. • The film was printed in D Cinema which was cheaper so the film could use it’s money on more different things such as special effects, which were used far more than they were in the previous two films.
  8. 8. • Simon Pegg one of the star actors who also wrote the films has made himself very successful by appearing in American productions such as ‘star trek’. Therefore getting himself known in the US with a high commercial status so when his films come out more people will want to see them as they recognise who he is. Also like the rest of the ‘cornetto trilogy’ the cast are all similar actors, who are also childhood friends, so by the third film people have begun to recognise the faces of the stars. • This made film distribution easy due to the star persona, and the selling-point of the British-ness. It helped out director Edgar Wright had built up a reputation since ‘Shaun of the Dead’ Lots of the films promotion was done online through Facebook pages and YouTube.
  9. 9. • The film was shown in all UK cinemas as it was in high demand as predicted. The premier 9 days before release date was very successful. • It mainstream success was helped by Edgar Wrights fan- base. Many critics rated it high, with the guardian rating it 80 out 100.
  10. 10. UK Film Poster US Films Poster
  11. 11. • Warp films is an independent film company based in Sheffield and London. • The founders are Rob Mitchell and Steve Beckett, with financial help from NESTA, National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts. • Their first film ‘My Wrongs’ won the 2003 Best Short film award at the BAFTAS. • When Rob Mitchell died in 2001, Beckett joined forces with friend Mark Herbert, who just produced the successful series ‘Pheonix Nights’ • Herbert met Shane Medows and they came up with the idea for a short film, Mark Herbert raised the funding, the film was shot over 22 days on a low budget and won many awards proving to be a good start for Warp Films. • They went on the produce ‘Rubber Johnny’ a short experimental that still shocks audiences to this day. • Next came the all famous ‘This is England’ a film about a boy who was adopted by a skinhead family. • In 2004 Warp made a big expansion in it’s capacity. A bid for low budget films put out by Film4 and UK Film council. Warp was set up in 2005 as a low budget digital ‘studio’ to develop and produce films with focus on new talent and commercial potential. • Warp Films 2010 television production for Channel 4, This is England ‘86 was a continuation from the 2006 film. It aired over four weekly episodes and received numerous plaudits, including a BAFTA award for leading actress Vicky McClure. It achieved record viewing figures for Channel 4. • As all the films produced by warp are made if the company think they have commercial potential, it shows they are aimed at UK viewers, because the films deal with British culture that goes against the stereotype and looks more into regional identity which wouldn’t be successful overseas as Americans for example typically don’t understand Northern humour. So the films are produced and marketed for the UK only.
  12. 12. This is England • Budget £1.5 Million • Opening Weekend Gross • $18,430 (USA) (29 July 2007) (1 Screen) £207,676 (UK) (29 April 2007) (62 Screens) Increased popularity lead to it being shown in more and more theatres. • The film was created by Shane Meadows. • It made a foreign total of $7,847,165 making $1,408,593 in France and $1,375,066 in Sweden. • The film received funding of $668,000 help from the film council which helped exceptionally. • It was printed in the film format 35mm which gave it the vintage effect, this film reel is also cheap to use. • The story is based on young skinheads in England in 1983. The film shows how their subculture, which has its roots in 1960s West Indian culture, especially soul, reggae and ska music, became adopted by white nationalists. The film's is a reference to experiences the director Shane Meadows experienced in his younger life.
  13. 13. • On 5 January 2008, the reviewer Rotten Tomatoes reported that 93% of critics gave the film positive reviews, based on 82 reviews. • This is England is a perfect example of a ‘realism’ film. The film fits into the category of ‘social realist’ films, which presents events drawn from everyday social life which adopt a camera, sound and editing style which draws attention to the authenticity of the events. This contrasts with the dominant Hollywood style of film making where the fictional world is recognisable in representation, but the actors are ‘larger than life’ and we must suspend our disbelief to make the film enjoyable with the element of escapism. • Usually the Hollywood style would out do the film style of ‘This is England’, but because of its controversial topic it became very successful. • The film addresses social concerns and a representation of real Britain, which would have been a shock to the American audience.
  14. 14. • This is England opened in 62 cinemas nationwide first. It was aided by strong word of mouth publicity. • By the 4th week the film expanded to 150 cinemas. • The film was released in competition with Spiderman 3, a large blockbuster. The film still did very well and grossed £1.8 Million and over £2.5 Million at the international box office. Which is very successful for a UK independent film. • The independent distributer had huge success. The American distributer was an independent distributer IFC Films based in New York. This is England was the first movie to be digitally released through the D-PLATFORM initiative.
  15. 15. Four Lions • How much it cost to make: $4 Million Total Gross: $3,705,570 • Was it a success? • It won 1 BAFTA Film Award. • The film was a great eye opener for many as it tackled the taboo subject of terrorism. It used comedy in an unusual light known as dark comedy. Terrorism is not a laughing matter, but by using comedy the film showed that the lads in the film were just like any other, so using comedy ‘humanized’ them, taking them out of the light we only ever see young Muslim’s in social media which is negative. • It was first shown at a film festival and word of mouth spread from there. Word of mouth was the biggest form of distribution for this film. Because it was so controversial it struck up big conversations and debates between many types of people.
  16. 16. • It started off in 8 Screens but with it’s popular demand the number of screens it was shown in increased. • The foreign grossing rankings show it to be mostly successful in Germany with $1,082,532 made.
  17. 17. UK Film Poster French Film Poster
  18. 18. Rubber Johnny • Rubber Johnny is a short 6 minute film made by Chris Cunningham about a boy with the strange power to contort his body, which scares his family members resulting in him being locked in the basement. This film is extremely low budget using one actor and a dog, the rest was animation and prosthetic-based special effects. • The film was meant to be a 30second advert for ‘Aphex Twin’s music which is used in the film, but Cunningham liked the idea behind it and wanted to expand.