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5.4.2 Inductance Equations


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5.4.2 Inductance Equations

  1. 1. Page 122 of Electrical Trade Principles
  2. 2. dφ e=N dt Where, e = Instantaneous induced voltage in volts N = Number of turns in wire coil (straight wire = 1) d = Rate of change of flux Φ = Magnetic flux in webers t = Time in seconds
  3. 3. 2 N µ0µr A L= l Where L = Inductance in Henrys N = The number of turns in the inductor coil μr = Relative permeability μo = Permeability of free space in henrys/m (Hm) A = Cross-sectional area in square metres (m2) l = Length of the conductor that makes up the coil in metres (m).