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Etical hacking


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Etical hacking

  1. 1. Syed Mohammad Omer Talha Presented MohammadTauqeer Sharjeel Khan By Shah Mirza Shehroz Baig
  2. 2. **Introduction to Ethical Hacking*Who are Hackers*Why Ethical Hacking??*Approaches of Ethical Hacking*Ethical Hackers & Careers*Conclusion
  3. 3. * *Ethical hacking is the use of hacking knowledge to attempt to enter a network to find its loopholes and back doors. *It is often referred to as ‘legalized hacking’ and yes it is indeed legal and can even reap a lot of profits for highly skilled individuals.
  4. 4. Who are Hackers?Hackers are one who programsenthusiastically or who enjoys programmingrather than just theorizing aboutprogramming. He can be:Black Hats: Extra ordinary computingskills but diverted to malicious anddestructive purposes.White Hats: Professional hackers who useshacking skills for defensive purposes alsoknown as security professional.Grey Hats: Practices both offensive anddefensive hacking skills.
  5. 5. Why Ethical Hacking? To determine flaws and vulnerabilities To provide a quantitative metric for evaluating systems and networks To measure against pre- established baselines To determine risk to the organization To design mitigating controls
  6. 6. Approaches of Ethical Hacking• Remote Network• Remote Dial Up Network• Locker Network• Stolen Network• Physical Entry• Social Engineering
  7. 7. Ethical Hackers & CareersSecurity concerned has made public and private industries quite worriedabout their security. This has enhanced the hiring process of ethical hackers.• In countries like US an ethical Hackers can earn approx. $ 120,000 per annum.• After well Certified Ethical Hackers Training a freelance hacker can earn $10,000 per assignment.• Some professional hackers earn from $15000 to $45,000 per assignment.
  8. 8. ** Always security professionals are one step behind the hackers and crackers.* Plan for the unplanned attacks.* Never underestimate the attackers or overestimate our existing posture.* To protect against an attack.* The role of ethical hacking in security is to provide customers with awareness of how they could be attacked and why they are targeted. “Security though a pain", is necessary.
  9. 9. We hoped you learned a little about Ethical Hacking!