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Supply Chain Management of DHL Express Operations


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This Presentation is Presented by the students of Iqra University Karachi, Pakistan in their Operations Management Course.

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Supply Chain Management of DHL Express Operations

  1. 1. Supply Chain Management of DHL Express Operations Presented by: • Zia ud din- 4135 • Shahrukh Hassan-3828 • Talha bin irfan-4618 • Javeria Rashid-4978 • Aiman Batool-4505
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION DHL worldwide:- Have well known brands. Expanded over 220 countries. Among the most privileged logistic companies around the globe.
  3. 3. Vision and Mission: Vision: “ The world logistic company for the world”. Mission : To simplify customers lives. To make all the stakeholders successful. To contribute globally. Demonstrating respect on the desired achievements.
  4. 4. Purpose: Joy, prosperity and trust.
  5. 5. Organizational structure: Comprises of service oriented divisions. Well organized transportation structure. Encompasses wide range of services.
  6. 6. Divisional Introduction DHL global forwarding. DHL freight. DHL supply chain. DHL global mail.
  7. 7. WORLD WIDE DOCUMENTEXPRESS Worldwide document express maintain the level for speed . This is used for express internationally door to door delivery of non taxable items. On the other hand un taxable items can vary from country to country .
  8. 8. WORLD WIDE PARCEL EXPRESS In this they offer fast and reliable door to door delivery of customs declarable shipments. Customs declarable goods are important to custom clearance They are responsible for the payment of duty at the target place. This is also good for sending such type of items like spare parts and finished goods.
  10. 10. LOGISTICS Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore Express logistics services include customers to warehouse (to some extent) and maintain goods at DHL centers of logistics services.
  11. 11. TRACKING SHIPMENT DHL has important technique which is basically electronic tracking system that extends safety plan, security of customers parcel throughout the world. They use hand held scanners which is carried by couriers feed shipment criteria to globally data .
  12. 12. Supply Chain Process of DHL Express Delivery Centre Transit (deconsolidate) Import CIA (Custom in Air) Export security inspection Pick Up Dispatching Booking
  13. 13. Green Supply Chain Inventory Management of DHL Express Core Competencies Supply Chain Process of DHL Express
  14. 14. Uncertainties in DHL express and its remedy Proper Management Time Factor Road Transportation Barriers during Law and Order Situation Shipment of Packaging
  15. 15. Most convenient mode of transport of DHL express Types of Transportation By Road By Air Types of Road Transportation
  16. 16. Upcoming challenges for DHL Express: Internationalization as a challenge Focusing Towards Private Customer Competitive Environment
  17. 17. THE END