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Presentation Ts 2011


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Presentation Ts 2011

  1. 1. Presentation 2011
  2. 2. We are a Human Resources Consultancy focusing on:• Executive Search (Director and Board levels)• Senior Management Searches• Assessment• Coaching• Counseling• Special Projects
  3. 3. Founding Partners’ Background & Directors
  4. 4. Gerson Correia• B.S. degree in Psychology (PUC-SP), followed by a specialization course in Management and Business Administration from Pace University (NY).• Has been working in the Human Resources area since 1975, focusing on recruitment, evaluation, development and training.• Started as a Human Resources Consultant in 1989 and has counseled over 800 senior executives (at the Director and CEO levels), in processes of Career Transition, Counseling and Coaching.• Has led projects in the Financial Services, Industrial, Consumer Goods, Computer Science, Chemical & Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Agribusiness, Retail, Energy, Mining, Metallurgy, Consultancy Firms, Media & Entertainment and Technology, among others.• Honored with DBM Internationals “Professional Excellence Award”.• Certified in the LPA® – Launch Pad Analysis, in the MBTI® – Myers Briggs Type Indicator, in the Hogan Assessment System and in Integrated Coaching by the ICI -Integrated Coaching Institute.
  5. 5. Mariani Martins• B.S. degree in Psychology (Faculdade Salesiana de Filosofia Ciências eLetras de Lorena, UNISAL) followed by a specialization course in HumanResources and in People Management, as well as an Assessment Centercourse from the University of Chicago.• Over 20 years of experience working on Human Resources Consultancyprojects.• Has led Executive Search, Counseling and Coaching projects at the SeniorManager and Director levels in the Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Chemical &Petrochemical, Ceramics, Agribusiness, Retail, Energy, Metallurgy, FinancialServices, Civil Construction, Media & Entertainment, Advertising and Healthcaresectors, among others.• Certificated in the LPA® – Launch Pad Analysis, in the MBTI® – Myers BriggsType Indicator, in the Hogan Assessment System and in Integrated Coaching bythe ICI – Integrated Coaching Institute.
  6. 6. Peter John Mason• B.A. degree in Business Administration (PUC - RJ); Developed a 24years career in corporate and investment banking (Brazil and USA) prior toinitiating his career as a Human Resources Consultant in 1999.• As a Consultant, has led projects mainly in Financial Services and also inthe Industrial, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Petrochemical,Agribusiness, Retail, Energy, Metallurgy, Consultancy Firms, Legal Firms,Media & Entertainment, Cultural Firms, Tourism, Real State and CivilConstruction sectors, among others.• One of the Senior Client Partners that introduced the ManagementAssessment practice in Brazil, in 2001, for Korn/Ferry International.• Awarded Korn/Ferry Internationals “Global Client Satisfaction Award” forSouth America, having achieved the highest client satisfaction level in thatcontinent, among all Senior Client Partners.• Certified in the LPA® – Launch Pad Analysis tool for executive evaluationand in Integrated Coaching by the ICI – Integrated Coaching Institute.• Served as the Honorary Australian Consul for the State of Rio de Janeiro.
  7. 7. Ionio Mello• B.A. degree in Business Administration and a postgraduate degree inEconomic Engineering from the Santa Ursula University/COPPE (Rio deJaneiro) with several specialization courses related to banking andperformance management at University of California/Berkeley.• CEO between 2003/2007 of Iron Mountain (Brazil), a multinational companyfocused on data warehousing.• Over 10 years of experience as a Human Resources Consultant inExecutive Search, with several articles in specialized journals.• As a Consultant, led projects in the Financial Services, Industrial, Mining,Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Petrochemical, Agribusiness, Retail, EnergyReal State and Civil Construction, Oil & Gas sectors.• Joined Talent Solution as an Executive Director in early 2009.
  8. 8. Fernanda Picoloto Borges• B.S. degree in Psychology (Mackenzie University of São Paulo), followedby a post-graduate degree in Business Administration from the FGV –Fundação Getúlio Vargas.• Began her career as a Human Resources Consultant in 2000, at StantonChase / Grupo Foco, focusing on search projects in the Telecommunications,Chemical, Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Energy, Real Estateand Construction sectors, among others.• As project manager, implemented the Pharmaceutical practice at StantonChase / Grupo Foco, leading Director and Senior Management levelsearches for Bristol Myers Squibb, mead Johnson Nutritional, Eurofarma,Covidien e Merck Sharp & Dohme, among others• Joined Talent Solution as a Director in May 2011.
  9. 9. Our Services
  10. 10. Executive Search• Based on a profound and clear understanding of the clients specific needs, which includes the corporate strategy and culture, the organizational structure, the ideal profile of the executive, the critical competencies for the function and the overall market tendencies of the business.• All Executive Search projects are performed by at least two Partners, supported by a team of Consultants.• During the entire process we maintain a frequent communication with the client and the candidates, keeping them updated about the development and status of the project.• We aim to present a minimum of three to four candidates for each position aligned with the ideal profile, evaluated and referenced, usually in two to three weeks´ period.• Candidate reports, as well as the projects status, are customized in accordance to each clients specific needs.
  11. 11. Executive Search• Finalist Candidates always have their professional and academic references checked.• We offer the Client the possibility of assessing the chosen Candidate and his Superior, through an instrument (Launch Pad Questionnaire® – LPQ™) that embraces 37 characteristics, identifying potential synergies and warning about possible gaps.• Search projects are executed based on an exclusivity mandate.• We provide a one year guarantee for Director and Board levels and six months for Senior Management levels.• We make a point of providing feedback to all potential Candidates that participate in our Search projects.
  12. 12. Assessment• A structured process aimed at achieving an independent evaluation of one (or more) executives with respect to a set of defined competencies and behaviors.• Competencies and critical values are compared to the ideal profile expected for a successful performance in a specific function.• Recommendations aim at eliminating gaps and developing skills for current functions as well as future career developments.
  13. 13. Assessment -• Initial meeting to obtain a clear understanding of the needs and the definition of the desired competencies and critical values.• Communication/explanation of the process to Participants.• Structured résumé, tailor made for each specific case.• Optional Psychometric evaluation (LPA®).• Optional 360° Evaluation.• Individual competencies-based interview.• Individual report elaborated by the Consultants.• Preliminary feedback to the Manager(s).• Optional Individual feedback to the Executive.
  14. 14. Assessment - Is particularly of value in the following situations:• Mergers and/or acquisitions• Changes in the Corporate strategy• New set of Corporate values• Changes in the ideal profile of a specific function• Structured career development
  15. 15. Coaching• A structured process focusing on the development of certain necessary competencies and behaviors for an individual to achieve his career goals and aspirations.• Realistic and measurable plans of actions, aimed at changing conducts and attitudes, in addition to the development of specific competencies.
  16. 16. Coaching - results in:• Process of introspective investigation and reflection.• Personal discovery of ones own qualities and issues to be developed.• Increased self-consciousness.• Increased ability to become responsible for ones own life and career.• Honest Feedback.
  17. 17. Coaching - Stages for the initial mapping of competencies and action plans to be developed with the Coachee:• 360º evaluation for the Coachee to have an idea of the impact he/she causes on others; compares his own perception of himself with the way others perceive him.• Tests such as MBTI® /LPA® to provide the Coachee with a better perception of himself.• Structured résumé, prepared by the Coachee, detailing his career history, accomplishments, goals and expectations.• Individual, periodical meetings with clear guidelines.• Clear and objective targets, following the “SMART” – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and TimeBound concept.
  18. 18. Counseling• A structured process aimed at helping the executive to become aware of certain competences that need to be developed.• Helps to build realistic and measurable plans of actions, directed at conduct changes and attitude adjustments.
  19. 19. Special Projects - Tailormade services aimed at addressing specific Client needs, such as:• Mapping of organizational structures and/or human talent from competitors specific areas.• Fronting, reference checking and/or assistance in the negotiation of financial packages in the hiring of Senior Executives.• Benchmarking of entities, aimed at identifying average compensation and benefit packages for certain areas and/or positions.