Talent neuron - China Aerospace Industry Landscape


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This report explains China Aerospace Industry; total installed aerospace talent, key vendors and their activities, industry hubs, annual mean wage of aerospace engineers

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Talent neuron - China Aerospace Industry Landscape

  1. 1. China Aerospace Industry Landscape (Executive Summary) November 2013 This report is solely for the use of Talent Neuron clients and Talent Neuron Subscribers. No part of it may be circulated, 1 quoted, or reproduced for distribution outside the client organization without prior written approval from Talent Neuron.
  2. 2. Talent Neuron Copyright and Disclaimer Copyright The material in this report is copyrighted. No part of this report prepared by Talent Neuron can be reproduced either on paper or electronic media without permission in writing from Talent Neuron. Request for permission to reproduce any part of the report may be sent to info@talentneuron.com. Customers are welcome to use an unlimited number of copies of the materials contained within this report. Furthermore, customers may copy any graphic herein for their own internal purpose. Talent Neuron requests only that members retain the source name/logo mark on all pages produced. Please contact our Talent Neuron account manager at +1-408-716-8432 for any help we may provide. The report herein is the property of Talent Neuron (A Zinnov LLC Company). Beyond the membership, no copyrighted materials of Talent Neuron may be reproduced without prior approval. Disclaimer All the information contained in this report is obtained through proprietary technology aggregation algorithms, human experts, network of domain experts, discussions with industry leaders, public and confidential information sources believed to be reliable. Talent Neuron makes no representations or warranties regarding the errors, omissions or completeness of any information contained herein and shall have no liability for the same. The report is provided solely for informational and marketing purposes and opinions must not be construed as advice, recommendations or endorsements. The reader of the report is advised to conduct an independent evaluation and form conclusions with respect to the information provided.
  3. 3. This report explains China Aerospace Industry; total installed aerospace talent, key vendors and their activities, industry hubs, annual mean wage of aerospace engineers Talent Neuron has done a rigorous research and analysis to map the China Aerospace Industry Talent Pool • Installed talent pool in Aerospace Industry • Total engineering Talent at domain level • Key Aerospace hubs with Installed talent pool Growth of Aerospace Industry • Reasons for rapid growth of Aerospace Industry in China • Structure of Aerospace Industry and future demand Outlook of peers and vendor ecosystem • Key activities of MNC and local companies • Location and activities of R&D centers • Involvement of the contractors and MNC’s Cost and University ecosystem • Top Universities present in China • Employee cost details at domain level 3
  4. 4. Topics Covered in the report 1 Talent Pool 2 Growth of Aerospace Industry in China (Available in Full Report) 3 Outlook of peers and Vendor Ecosystem (Available in Full Report) 4 Cost and University Ecosystem (Available in Full Report) 4
  5. 5. Overview In China, there are 470,000 employees working in the Aerospace Industry in 250+ Aerospace companies China Aerospace Industry Structure Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) • 200 subsidiaries and 500+ contractors • 400,000 employees • 10 Business units includes MRO Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) • 40,000 employees • Partnership with 18 local and MNC companies • Activities include, Aircraft development, systems integration, marketing, customer service & certification • • • China Aerospace Engineering Talent Aerospace Industry Total Installed talent: 470,000 MNC Firms At least 20 MNC firms Airbus, Boeing have their Final Assembly units in China In total 30, 000 employees of MNC working directly and in the subsidiary firms Source: Talent Neuron research and analysis, China government websites, Peer websites, Forums and new articles Aerospace Engineering Installed Talent: 70,000 – 75,000 • Include engineers working in government, MNC and local companies • Also includes engineers working at R&D centers of state owned and MNCs • Engineering talent is classified as • Electrical/Electronic • Industrial • Manufacturing • Mechanical • Others • Quality/Reliability • Stress 5
  6. 6. Installed Talent Growth of aircrafts is projected at 7%-11% for the next 20 years while the demand for Aerospace engineers is growing at 16% CAGR for the next 5 years Demand for Aircrafts • • 7-11 % annual growth predicted for next 20 Years for demand in Aircrafts Chinese airlines expect to triple their fleets in the next 20 years, represents roughly 5,000 new aircraft: • Large passenger aircraft 3400 • 870 twin aisle aircraft • Regional jets 700 • 600 Business Jets Break up of the Aerospace Engineering Talent - China 16560 17280 11520 10800 7920 5040 2880 Electrical/ Electronic Industrial Manufacturing Mechanical Source: Talent Neuron research and analysis, China government websites, Peer websites, Forums and new articles Others Quality/ Reliability Stress 6
  7. 7. Key Locations Primary Hotspots: Beijing, Shanghai and Xian are the major hubs for aerospace engineering talent Harbin Shenyang Beijing and Tianjin *AVIC Headquarter Xi’an Chengdu Shanghai *COMAC Headquarter Nanchang Xiamen Installed talent is greater than 5001 Installed talent is Between 3001-5000 Installed talent is Less than 1001-3000 Guangzhou and Zhuhai Note: Primary hubs were identified based on installed base Note: * Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC); Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) Source: Talent Neuron research and analysis, China government websites, Peer websites, Forums and new articles 7
  8. 8. Key Locations Secondary Hotspots: Most of the secondary hubs are situated close to either Shanghai or Beijing Xinzhou Jiangxi Chongqing Changsha Nanjing Wuxi Zhejiang Installed talent is less than 1000 Note: Secondary hubs were identified based on installed base Source: Talent Neuron research and analysis, China government websites, Peer websites, Forums and new articles 8
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  10. 10. Using Big Data principles, Talent Neuron Platform provides powerful insights on Talent, Location, Cost, Peer Group Footprint, Current Trends and Employee’s profiles Talent Analysis 520 + Cities 360+ Skills Employee Profile Analysis 7,500 + Companies 12,000 Unique Data points per city Peer Trends Talent Neuron Latest Trends & Related News Cost Analysis ~3,200 Universities 20.5 Million Professionals Location Analysis University Analysis 1010
  11. 11. Our offering consists of the following FIVE modules.. 1 Talent Acquisition 5 2 Site / Location Selection TALENT NEURON MODULES Workforce Planning 4 Predictive Talent Analytics Our Service Offerings Talent Neuron Platform 3 Globalization Initiatives Workbench 1111
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