Executive movement – twitter strengthens its executive team


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Talent Neuron reports the Executive Movement that is currently taking place in the industry and keeps you updated with the latest news.

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Executive movement – twitter strengthens its executive team

  1. 1. Executive Movement – Twitter Strengthens Its Executive Team Twitter has hired numerous executives to head business units and Contact Details Talent Neuron 3080 Olcott Street, Suite A125, Santa Clara, CA 95054 Phone: +408-716-8432 Email: info@zinnov.com trigger the next wave of innovations. Since 2012, Twitter has hired four executives from Google to strengthen its adverting team. In October Twitter hired Mr. J.J. Hirschle, Director for Media and Entertainment at Google, to lead retail operations. In August 2013, Twitter hired Ms. Jennifer Prince, Head of Media & Entertainment at Google, as the Director of Entertainment. In 2012, Twitter hired Mr. Shailesh Rao, who was leading Google’s display advertising sales in Asia, as the VP of international revenue and Mr. Stephen McIntyre as Director of Online Sales and Operations. Mr. Mcintyre was the Managing Director, New Products Media & Platforms at Google. In October 2013, Twitter hired Ms. Vivian Schiller Senior VP & Chief Digital Officer at NBC News as its head of news. At NBC, Ms. Schiller was responsible for monitoring and assessing the network’s presence on the web, in mobile devices, and on social media. Twitter recently expanded its emergency alerts program and is currently working on a feature for developing a breaking news Similar Articles Increased Innovation Has Led To Supply Gap Of Software Engineers In Bay Area For more information, please contact info@talentneuron.com | www.talentneuron.com This message has been approved for distribution by Vamsee Tirukkala, Co-Founder and EVP – Talent Neuron. This email is sent by Zinnov LLC. If you wish to unsubscribe from this communication please email to info@talentneuron.com
  2. 2. notification account called @eventparrot. To develop this feature, Twitter has been creating media partnerships with TV and sports organizations. Talent Neuron research indicates that Twitter has also hired about five executives in the past ten months. Executives hired by Twitter are Nathan Hubbard, Arvinder Gujral, Cynthia Gaylor, Kirstine Stewart and Brad Keown. Most of these hires were to focus simultaneously on both business and corporate development. In 2013, Twitter has also witnessed senior executives moving out of the company. In August, Ms. Tatiana Simonian, Head Artist and Industry Relations, at Twitter Music moved out of the company to join as the VP of Client Solutions at Nielsen. Earlier in April, Mr. Kevin Thau moved out of Twitter to join startup Jelly. Jelly is a startup founded by Twitter co-founder Mr. Biz Stone. At Twitter Mr.Thau was responsible for leading the development of Twitter Music application.