Flex on Grails - Rich Internet Applications With Rapid Application Development


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Flex on Grails lets you combine the processes and technologies of rapid application development to the creation of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

This session provides an introduction to Flex on Grails and benefits of Flex over an Ajax based web application. Learn how to build / debug and run an application using Flex on Grails. The session is based on the experience gained while building an internal CRM application which took us days instead of weeks to develop!

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Flex on Grails - Rich Internet Applications With Rapid Application Development

  1. 1. Flex on Grails Aniket Shaligram
  2. 2. Aniket Shaligram Over 8 years of product development experience Senior Team Lead, Talentica Software Software Engineer at COSL (a wholly owned subsidiary of Citigroup) Education BE (Electrical Engineering), VNIT Nagpur
  3. 3. Flex for RIA Why RIA? Better User experience No Browser Compatibility Issues Client-server architecture with clear separation of concerns Why Flex? Mature Better penetration
  4. 4. Grails as RAD Why RAD? Scaffolding Convention over Configuration Why Grails? Java based
  5. 5. Architecture – TODO improve
  6. 6. Sample App - teps Grails Project Creation Plugin installation Generating domain class model Edit generated domain classes Modify config files to enable security Generate Flex code Start server and navigate
  7. 7. Scaffolding Grails Project Creation grails create-app gsf-test Plugin installation cd gfs-test grails install-plugin flex-scaffold grails stark-security-install-full
  8. 8. Sample app – domain model
  9. 9. Generating domain class model grails create-domain-class customer grails create-domain-class company grails create-domain-class phone grails create-domain-class address Sample app – domain model
  10. 10. Edit generated domain classes Company Customer Address Phone Sample app – domain model
  11. 11. Add to Config.groovy gfs.security = true Edit StarkSecurityConfig.groovy   '/': Role.ALL_ROLES, to  '/**': Role.ALL_ROLES, Edit BootStrap.groovy Sample app – domain model
  12. 12. CRUD Generation grails generate-all-flex company grails generate-all-flex customer Flex compilation grails flex-tasks Start app-server grails run-app go to http://localhost:8080/gfs-test Sample app – domain model
  13. 13. Does it really work? Learning curve for Flex, Grails (Groovy, GORM), Generated code – Flex Understand, Maintain Scaffolding plug-in Separate frontend, backend teams Costs – Flash Builder license
  14. 14. Front end Design Design of Generated frontend code
  15. 15. Connectivity Options BlazeDS – Flex Plugin GraniteDS - GraniteDS Plugin Webservices (REST, SOAP) - CXF Plugin
  16. 16. Security options Spring Security Apache Shiro
  17. 17. Deployment Options Desktop : Adobe Air Gaelyk app on Google App Engine Grails app on Google App Engine Grails War on standalone container
  18. 18. IDE Flash Builder Springsource plugin for Grails
  19. 19. Thanks!