Develop asp net solutions with windows azure


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Read on to know how the ASP.NET platform along with Windows Azure can help build highly scalable and well architected web applications.

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Develop asp net solutions with windows azure

  1. 1. Develop ASP.NET Solutions with Windows AzureFrameworks, standards and tools are constantly evolving and emerging. To build highly scalableapplications, high capability servers, high bandwidth network and dedicated infrastructure are required.These add significant cost overhead.One of the simplest solutions to this challenge is to move such applications and their infrastructure to theCloud! Organizations are increasingly shifting from traditional on-premise and hosting environments to theemerging public and private cloud.The most popular cloud platform today is the Windows Azure offered by Microsoft. It enables developersto quickly build, deploy and manage applications using Microsoft-managed data centers. Moreover,applications can be built using any operating system, language or tool! ASP.NET is emerging as apopular framework that allows programmers to build dynamic Web sites, Web applications and Webservices. When web applications are deployed in the Windows Azure data centers, the storage servicesare readily available and easily accessible from the application.Developing an ASP.NET solution that will run in the cloud has certain pre-requisites. The applicationneeds to be coded in a way that it can be scaled easily. After the web application is developed, it shouldbe published to the cloud (Microsoft data centers).Windows Azure now supports .Net Framework 4.5. This gives developers the freedom to use all kinds ofnew features while developing their web app. The most important feature that ASP.NET 4.5 offers webdevelopers is the new asynchronous methods. This asynchronous support enables developers to easilybuild highly scalable and high performing web applications minus all the hassles that are normallyassociated with asynchronous programming.Preparing the Development EnvironmentMicrosoft’s developer centers offer all the required tools for developers looking to take advant age ofWindows Azure. The .NET Developer Center offers all necessary tools in one download. The MicrosoftWeb Platform Installer will install the Windows Azure SDK for .NET that contains Windows Azure SDK,Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio and Windows Azure Client Libraries for .NET.An important tool that developers will require to develop ASP.Net Solutions with Windows Azure is theWindows Azure Developer Emulator. It is one of the core tools in the Windows Azure SDK that enablesdevelopment of cloud applications on local workstations. ASP.NET developers will experience seamlessintegration with Visual Studio using this tool.Developing ASP.NET solutionsTalentica is well known for .Net Development. Getting started with development is simple and hassle freeonce developers have an understanding of the emulator, roles and instances in Windows Azure. TheWindows Azure service project consists of configuration files that configure the roles and number ofinstances that the hosted service will use in the datacenter. It also contains links to the Visual Studioprojects that contain the ASP.NET application. The Windows Azure service project also enablesdevelopers to seamlessly test and debug their ASP.NET application in the Windows Azure DeveloperEmulator using the standard “F5” debug experience.The Windows Azure cloud service can provide many capabilities that are unavailable with on-premise ortraditional hosting. For example, Azure blob storage when combined with CDN capabilities brings faulttolerance and distributed performance. It offers geo replication of data at two data centers hundreds ofmiles apart at no extra cost. There are various advantages of Windows Azure that can be leveraged byASP.NET developers to build highly scalable and well architected web applications.