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Big Data – Are You Ready?


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Big Data = Big Challenges = Big Opportunity!

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Big Data – Are You Ready?

  1. 1. Big Data – Are You Ready?
  2. 2. “Keeping Afloat in a Sea of 'Big Data” ITBusinessEdge – 9/6/11 “Why big data is a big deal” InfoWorld – 9/1/11 “The challenge– and opportunity– of big data” McKinsey Quarterly—5/11 “Getting a Handle on Big Data with Hadoop” Businessweek-9/7/11 “Ten reasons why Big Data will change the travel industry” Tnooz -8/15/11 “The promise of Big Data” Intelligent Utility-8/28/11 Big Data Buzz
  3. 3. Big Data Buzz Courtesy: Asigra
  4. 4. Big Data Buzz Courtesy: Asigra
  5. 5. Have you faced any of these? • Your IT guy says that adding new fields to the table will require more than a month of testing as it requires changes in data models. • You have to procure new hardware with a more powerful CPU and hundreds of gigabytes of memory to process your data in time. • Frequent write operations lock data records and block reading operations. Big Data Buzz
  6. 6. Agenda • Big Data Overview • How Big is Big Data? • What Makes it Big Data? • Where Do we see Big Data? • What / Who / Why collects all this Data? • Big Data In Action • Challenges • Opportunities • Big Data Technologies
  7. 7. What is Big Data? Big Data refers to datasets that grow so large that it is difficult to capture, store, manage, share, analyze and visualize with the typical database software tools.
  8. 8. How big is Big Data? • It is not a single number but a set of parameters. • Any data that can challenge our current technology in some manner can be considered as Big Data – Volume – Communication – Speed of Generating – Meaningful Analysis
  9. 9. What Makes it Big Data? VOLUME (Large amount of Data) VELOCITY (Needs to be analyzed Quickly) VARIETY (Different types of Structured & Unstructured Data) VALUE
  10. 10. Big Data is Everywhere! Lots of data is being collected and warehoused • Web data, E-commerce • Purchases at departmental and grocery stores • Bank or Credit Card transactions • Social Network Interactions
  11. 11. Web Browsers Search Engines Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome Safari AOL Explorer What is collecting all this Data?
  12. 12. Smartphones & Apps Apple’s iPhone (Apple O/S) Samsung, HTC. Nokia, Motorola (Android O/S) RIM Corp’s Blackberry (BlackBerry O/S) Tablet Computers & Apps IPad Galaxy Kindle Fire What is collecting all this Data?
  13. 13. Games Boxes and GPS Systems Internet Service Providers What is collecting all this Data?
  14. 14. Hospitals & Other Medical Systems Banking & Phone Systems Can you hear me now? (Heh heh heh!) What is collecting all this Data?
  15. 15. A real pain in the apps! What are they collecting? • Restaurant reservations (Open Table) • Weather in L.A. in 3 days (Weather+) • Side effects of medications (MedWatcher) • 3-star hotels in New Orleans (Priceline) • Which PC should one buy and where? (PriceCheck) What is collecting all this Data?
  16. 16. Consumer Products Companies Big Box Stores Who is collecting all this Data?
  17. 17. What data are they getting?Credit Card Companies Who is collecting all this Data?
  18. 18. Why are they collecting all the data? Target Marketing • To suggest medications that precisely match your medical history. • To “push” television channels to your set instead of your “pulling” them in. • To send advertisements on those channels just for you! Targeted Information • To know your needs even before you know, based on past purchasing habits! • To notify you of your expiring driver’s license or credit cards or last refill on a Rx, etc. • To give you turn-by-turn directions to a shelter in case of emergency.
  19. 19. Acquire all available data ANALYZE DECIDE ORGANIZE ACQUIRE Big Data in Action
  20. 20. Organize and distill big data using massive parallelism ANALYZE DECIDE ACQUIRE ORGANIZE Big Data in Action
  21. 21. Analyze all your data, at once ANALYZE DECIDE ACQUIRE ORGANIZEANALYZE Big Data in Action
  22. 22. Decide based on real-time big data ANALYZE ACQUIRE ORGANIZE DECIDE Big Data in Action
  23. 23. Make better decisions using big data ANALYZE DECIDE ACQUIRE ORGANIZE Big Data in Action
  24. 24. Challenges • Storage and Protection • Backup and Restoration • Organization and Categorization of the data • Cost Control and Availability of critical data at all times • Acquisition of right data from right sources & its delivery to the Right People in Real-time • Comprehension and Usage of Big data in unstructured formats such as text or video
  25. 25. Big Data Opportunities • Improve productivity and gain competitive advantage by identifying trends • Growing at almost 10% a year, Big Data industry is worth more than $100 billion. This is roughly twice as fast as the software business. The Million Dollar Question is : How will you take advantage of this opportunity?
  26. 26. Big Data Technologies 26 Big Data technologies describe a new generation of technologies and architectures, designed to economically extract value from very large volumes of a wide variety of data, by enabling high velocity capture, discovery and/or analysis.
  27. 27. Thank You!