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September Recruitment Survival guide


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September Recruitment Survival guide

  1. 1. The September Recruitment Survival Guide:How To Land Your Dream Job In 7 Easy Steps Presented by:
  2. 2. What is TalentEgg? is Canada’s leading job site and online careerresource for students and recent graduates looking for careerhatching opportunities.We work with hundreds of Canada’s top employers, and we’rededicated to helping students navigate the sometimes messyschool-to-work transition.That’s why we created the September Recruitment SurvivalGuide – a seven-step guide to help you land your dream jobthis coming school year.So what are you waiting for? Get cracking! Be sure to take advantage of the Relevant Reads section on each page. These additional resources provide a ton of important info to help you in your job search!And keep your eyes peeled for tips and tricks onthe bottom of each page!
  3. 3. Step OneKnow when employers are hiringDid you know that 70% of employers do the majority of theirhiring in September?If you didn’t, you’re not alone – a whopping 81% of studentsaren’t looking for jobs in September either.But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t; the longer you wait tostart looking for a job, the fewer opportunities there areavailable. Employers need to plan ahead, and that meanshiring now for next year.So get ahead of the crowd and start preparing for your careertoday! Knowing that you need to apply in September is half thebattle.Read on to see what else you can do tosurvive September recruitment… Relevant Reads: Campus recruitment trends, 2012 What students and grads wish they’d known before they started job huntingTalentEgg Tip: Use TalentEgg filters to findjobs in your chosen industry and location
  4. 4. Step TwoIdentify available resourcesThe recruitment process is a lot less scary when you takeadvantage of all the great resources available to you onlineand around is great for browsing and applying to jobs, butdid you know we also have thousands of articles, interviewpreps, Q&As with employers and other valuable resources tohelp you hatch your career?Your campus career centre is another great resource.Talk to a career counsellor to learn how your interests andskills translate into a career. Or use the online calendar ofevents to see when employers are coming to your campus.Take advantage of this free resource while you’re still inschool! Relevant Reads: Jobs on Resources on Upcoming employer eventsTalentEgg Tip: The handshake is an importantelement of the job hunt – perfect yours
  5. 5. Step ThreeDo your researchBrowse employers in your desired field and pick five thatyou’re most interested in working for. Then, answer thefollowing questions about each company: What types of positions are available? What are the skill and education requirements? What is their recruitment schedule (i.e., are they coming to my campus)? When do applications open and close? Make note of deadlines! What does the application process involve? An online application? A resumé and cover letter? Transcripts? Can you find a direct contact (email address)?Organize this information in a spreadsheet so key informationis easy to find.Also, take advantage of TalentEgg Reminders, which sync jobdeadlines with your personal calendar so you receivenotifications when job deadlines are approaching. Relevant Reads: Employers on TalentEgg RemindersTalentEgg Tip: Reuse your spreadsheet later totrack all of the positions you apply for
  6. 6. Step FourPolish your personal brandBefore you start applying to jobs, take a few days to polishyour personal brand.Here’s our to do list: Check your social media privacy settings. You know why. So clean them up or lock them up. Update your LinkedIn profile with your most recent and relevant experiences. Revamp your resumé. Make your job descriptions results- oriented, cut that boring objective and condense everything into one (maximum two) pages. Perfect your cover letters. Edit. Edit. Edit. Ask your friends and family to take a look at your resumes, cover letters and online profiles, and collect their feedback to improve your personal brand even more! Relevant Reads: Attract employers using social media How to makeover your LinkedIn profile How to revamp your resumé Outsmart online application softwareTalentEgg Tip: Go the extra mile and create avisual resumé or an profile
  7. 7. Step FiveApply!Now that you have a killer cover letter and resumé, areputable online presence, and a spreadsheet of positionsyou’d like to apply for, you’re ready to start applying! Justremember these important tips: Always address the application to a person. “Creep” LinkedIn to find the right contact. Then, triple-check that you’ve included the correct employer name in your applications. Keep track of your applications so you’ll know exactly what you said to employers that follow up (use that spreadsheet!). Always save a copy of the job description on your computer or in the cloud – don’t just put it in your favourites. Links change all the time! Think quality, not quantity. Don’t mindlessly apply to hundreds of jobs. Take your time and really commit to a few applications at a time. Relevant Read: Hilarious example of what NOT to doTalentEgg Tip: Want to stand out? Learn how toimpress your employer before you get the job
  8. 8. Step SixEvaluate your situationAfter submitting your applications, monitor the feedback youreceive and react accordingly…You hear nothing : Check your cover letters and resumés for grammar errors and overall readability Rethink your strategy. Consider the type of jobs you’re applying for. Do you have the required skills? If not, shift your focus. You may just be lacking experience. Intern or volunteer so you can gain experience. Then amp up your resumé, and try the application process again in a few months.You hear “thank you, but no thank you”: Follow up to see how you could improve. Just be polite and courteous of the fact that the employer is likely very busy.You snagged an interview: Congratulations! Proceed to Step Seven. Relevant Read: You applied for a job - now what?TalentEgg Tip: Feeling bummed out about yourjob prospects? Get inspired.
  9. 9. Step SevenHow to ace the interviewAcing the interview is all about being prepared – you’ll be lessnervous, more articulate, and better equipped to connect withthe employer. Here are our top tips:Before: Research your interviewer, the employer, and the industry. Brainstorm questions and responses, and bring a list of your own questions. Plan the perfect outfit the night before.During: Show up early, take a deep breath and relax . Show the employer what you can do for them. E.g., “I’m experienced in HTML, so given the opportunity to work here, I’d love to help you develop your new website.”After Relevant Reads: How to prepare for an interview Say thank you, Outfit tips from an image expert reminding them Questions to ask why you’re Questions NOT to ask perfect for the job. How to follow-up Follow up!TalentEgg Tip: Bombed the interview? Chin up,it happens! Learn how to recover.
  10. 10. Congratulations!You survived September recruitment and you’re well on yourway to securing full-time employment!Here are a few more Relevant Reads to ensure you start yournew job off on the right foot: Climb the entry-level ladder Be an Olympian at your entry-level jobNow take a few moments to relax – youdeserve it! Find us online!