2013 TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards


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Finalists, best practices and winners

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2013 TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards

  1. 1. In partnership with:#TEawards
  2. 2. #TEawards#1Canada’s mostpopular job board andonline careerresource for studentsand recent graduates
  3. 3. #TEawards2013 TalentEgg National CampusRecruitment Excellence Awards• Best Campus Career Website• Best Online Campus Campaign• Best On-Campus Campaign• Campus Recruiter of the Year (Individual)• Campus Recruiting Program of the YearNew categories for 2013:• Best Internship/Co-op Program• Best Campus Recruitment Brochure• Best Mobile Campus Recruitment Initiative
  4. 4. #TEawards2013 TalentEgg National CampusRecruitment Excellence AwardsTamara HombrebuenoThird year (‘14)BBABeedie School of BusinessSimon Fraser UniversityTw: @tamhombreTelly CarayannakisFourth year (‘13)iBBASchulich School of BusinessYork UniversityTw: @tcarayannakisLeila Chan CurrieSecond year (‘15)HBScComputer Science and StatisticsUniversity of TorontoWeb: leila.cc
  5. 5. #TEawardsBest CampusCareer Website
  6. 6. #TEawards
  7. 7. #TEawardsBest Campus Career WebsiteBEST PRACTICES: CONTENT• 100% tailored for students and graduates• Real info, not just marketing copy• Answer students’ most pressing questions– Quick win: FAQ section• Testimonials – real students and grads– Videos preferred, at least include images– Don’t just provide info: tell stories!
  8. 8. #TEawardsBest Campus Career WebsiteBEST PRACTICES: EXPERIENCE• Navigation key to good experience– Don’t let them get lost in your website– Easily frustrated by website errors– Make the experience seamless• Clean, simple design– Be concise, quality over quantity of text– Avoid stock photos – use your own people– Increase font size
  9. 9. #TEawardsBest Campus Career WebsiteFINALISTSGrantThorntoneHealthOntarioBell
  10. 10. #TEawards
  11. 11. #TEawards“Extremely organized and neat.The most engaging part of thiswebsite is the layout of thecontent, images, etc.It was just fantastic navigatingthrough your website with ease.”–Second year student, Schulich School ofBusiness, York University
  12. 12. #TEawardsBest Campus Career WebsiteBell
  13. 13. #TEawardsBest OnlineCampus Campaign
  14. 14. #TEawards
  15. 15. #TEawardsBest Online Campus CampaignBEST PRACTICES• Engaging and interactive– Go beyond the banner ad– Twitter hashtags, YouTube videos– Quizzes, games, contests• Use multiple platforms, not just one• Keep visuals and messages consistent• Graphics and slogans get attention – thendirect to career info
  16. 16. #TEawardsBest Online Campus CampaignFINALISTSAccentureMacLarenMcCann(for MasterCard Canada)PwCCanada
  17. 17. #TEawards
  18. 18. #TEawards“Designing multiple online adswas an effective way to attractstudents who might ignore therelatively dull Facebook ad, forinstance, but would find thecolourful wallpaper on TalentEggintriguing and eye-catching.”–Fourth year student, Western University
  19. 19. #TEawardsBest Online Campus CampaignMacLaren McCann
  20. 20. #TEawardsBest On-CampusCampaign
  21. 21. #TEawards
  22. 22. #TEawardsBest On-Campus CampaignBEST PRACTICES• On-campus + online is new standard• Go beyond employer branding – ask forhelp or help students with something• Get students involved– They want to meet, interact with real people– “Old school” tactics = personal touch– E.g., Nancy’s In The House• Personality, fun, humour colour
  23. 23. #TEawardsBest On-Campus CampaignFINALISTSGrantThorntonTDBusinessBankingPwCCanada
  24. 24. #TEawards
  25. 25. #TEawards“Sometimes campus campaignsare more about the companyputting their image ‘out there,’ butthis campaign was truly abouthelping people. By doing this,they also enhanced their brand –the best of both worlds!”–Third year student, McMaster University
  26. 26. #TEawardsBest On-Campus CampaignPwC Canada
  27. 27. #TEawardsBest CampusRecruitmentBrochure
  28. 28. #TEawards
  29. 29. #TEawardsBest Campus Recruitment BrochureBEST PRACTICES• Be vibrant, eye-catching, colourful• Don’t include everything, that’s what yourwebsite is for• Get specific: customize by:– Location, degree, job, stream, path• Feature info about recruitment process,not just company and jobs• Include FAQ
  30. 30. #TEawardsGrantThorntonBest Campus Recruitment BrochureFINALISTSKPMGPwCCanada
  31. 31. #TEawards
  32. 32. #TEawards“It was packed with informationabout the company, the jobpositions and who they arelooking to hire. The brochureanswers all questions, making itvery easy for the recent grad toreally consider a job with [thecompany].”–Fourth year, University of Guelph-Humber,Media Studies
  33. 33. #TEawardsBest Campus Recruitment BrochureGrant Thornton
  34. 34. #TEawardsBest Mobile CampusRecruitment Initiative
  35. 35. #TEawards
  36. 36. #TEawardsBest Mobile Campus Recruitment InitiativeBEST PRACTICES• Keep it simple, easy to use• Don’t just link to your normal website– Pet peeve (but social media is OK)• Not just text about careers– Engage and educate with games, quizzes– Opportunity: more video• Browse jobs, email to themselves
  37. 37. #TEawardsValeBest Mobile Campus Recruitment InitiativeFINALISTSAccenture
  38. 38. #TEawards
  39. 39. #TEawards“The layout made it easy for meto get to where I want. I enjoyedhow you emphasized jobopportunities as the main featureof the mobile site.The game and quiz was also anice bonus to learn more about[the company].”–Fourth year student, University of Windsor
  40. 40. #TEawardsBest Mobile Campus Recruitment InitiativeAccenture
  41. 41. #TEawardsBest Internship/Co-op Program
  42. 42. #TEawards
  43. 43. #TEawardsBest Internship/Co-op ProgramBEST PRACTICES• Make it fun! – Intern group work, social activities• Mentorship – access to senior people• Tangible learning opportunities, prof. dev.• Rotations favoured over single dept.• Travel (national or internat’l) attractive• Retention – how many are hired?
  44. 44. #TEawardsBayerCropSciencePwCCanadaBest Internship/Co-op ProgramFINALISTSJust-Eat
  45. 45. #TEawards
  46. 46. #TEawards“I really like the opportunity forinterns to experience the variousaspects of the company. Thedaily, weekly and quarterlyevaluated projects maintain ahigh level of communication andopportunity for improvement.Lastly, I love the idea of the blankreference letter.”–Fourth year student, University of Waterloo
  47. 47. #TEawardsBest Internship/Co-op ProgramJust-Eat
  48. 48. #TEawardsCampus Recruiterof the Year
  49. 49. #TEawards
  50. 50. #TEawardsCampus Recruiter of the YearBEST PRACTICES• Be a real person – not an employer brand• One-on-one interaction critical to success,both online and in person• Give back to students– Tips and advice, resume critiques, mockinterviews• See the big picture – beyond recruitment– Getting a job is only half the battle
  51. 51. #TEawardsAntonioda LuzJust-EatNancyMouldayTD Business BankingCampus Recruiter of the YearFINALISTSLisaKramerRBC
  52. 52. #TEawards
  53. 53. #TEawards“Truly captures what a studentwould want out of a recruiter – thechance to be seen and heard as anindividual.”–Fourth year, Ted Rogers School ofManagement, Ryerson University“[Their] effort in giving back to thestudents themselves gives anextremely personal touch to [their]recruitment process.”–Fourth year, Queen’s University
  54. 54. #TEawardsCampus Recruiter of the YearNancy Moulday
  55. 55. #TEawardsCampus RecruitingProgram of the Year
  56. 56. #TEawards
  57. 57. #TEawardsCampus Recruiting Program of the YearBEST PRACTICES• Tell stories of real students and grads• No difference between on-campus and online– Carry your themes, branding, etc., throughout• Well-rounded campaign across manydifferent platforms, both online and offline• Be as excited as you want THEM to be• Interactivity and genuine engagement– The best campus programs are a two-wayconversation
  58. 58. #TEawardsGrantThorntonAccentureCampus Recruiting Program of the YearFINALISTSVale
  59. 59. #TEawards
  60. 60. #TEawards“The company dares to bedifferent.”–Fourth year student, York University“This company is doingeverything it can to separate itselffrom the pack.”–Third year student, HEC Montréal
  61. 61. #TEawardsCampus Recruiting Program of the YearGrant Thornton
  62. 62. #TEawardsCongratulations!Best Campus CareerWebsiteBellBest Online CampusCampaignMacLaren McCannBest On-CampusCampaignPwC CanadaBest CampusRecruitment BrochureGrant ThorntonBest Mobile CampusRecruitment InitiativeAccentureBest Internship/Co-op ProgramJust-EatCampus Recruiterof the YearNancy Moulday, TD BusinessBankingCampus RecruitingProgram of the YearGrant Thornton