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@talemetry	  70%	  of	  Candidates	  Use	  Their	  Mobile	  Devices	  to	  Search	  for	  Jobs…Will	  ...
Mike VilimekDirector, Product MarketingTalemetryTwitter: @mikevilimekEmail: mvilimek@talenttech.comSpeaker	  
Talent	  Acquisi8on	  Has	  Two	  Important	  Func8ons	  Talent	  Talent	  Genera8on	  External	  Internal	  Applicant	  T...
Why	  Does	  Talent	  Genera8on	  MaBer?	  Source:	  2012	  State	  of	  Recrui8ng	  Survey,	  Talent	  Technology	  Corp....
Talent	  Acquisi8on	  Has	  Two	  Important	  Func8ons	  Talent	  Talent	  Genera8on	  External	  Internal	  Applicant	  T...
Copyright	  ©	  2013	  Talemetry,	  Inc.	  All	  rights	  reserved.	   6	  Applicant	  Tracking	  Talent	  Acquisi8on	  Ha...
Mobile	  Recrui8ng	  “70%	  of	  all	  Candidates	  Use	  Their	  Mobile	  Devices	  to	  Search	  for	  Jobs,	  including...
1/3	  of	  Indeed’s	  Traffic	  is	  from	  Mobile	  
Mobile	  Traffic	  
OHUG	  2013	  –	  Mobile	  is	  the	  Future	  Gretchen	  Alarcon	  –	  VP	  HCM	  Strategy,	  Oracle	  Chris	  Leone	  –	...
Key	  Challenges	  in	  Suppor8ng	  Mobile	  Job	  Seekers	  #1.	  Browser	  incompa8bility	  with	  recrui8ng	  sohware	 ...
Challenge:	  Can’t	  View	  Jobs	  
Challenge:	  Don’t	  Have	  a	  Resume	  
Challenge:	  Type	  a	  Resume?	  
Is	  This	  Mobile	  Support?	  
Mobile	  Viewing	  Copyright	  ©	  2013	  Talemetry,	  Inc.	  All	  rights	  reserved.	   16	  By	  2012,	  there	  were	 ...
Copyright	  ©	  2013	  Talemetry,	  Inc.	  All	  rights	  reserved.	   17	  `	  Mobile	  Viewing	  Career	  Sites	  •  All...
Mobile	  Applica8ons	  Copyright	  ©	  2013	  Talemetry,	  Inc.	  All	  rights	  reserved.	   18	  By	  2012,	  there	  we...
Copyright	  ©	  2013	  Talemetry,	  Inc.	  All	  rights	  reserved.	   19	  Applica8on	  screens	  that	  are	  viewable	 ...
Social	  Profile	  Capture	  Copyright	  ©	  2013	  Talemetry,	  Inc.	  All	  rights	  reserved.	   20	  Apply	  Extrac8on	...
Copyright	  ©	  2013	  Talemetry,	  Inc.	  All	  rights	  reserved.	   21	  Candidates	  can	  submit	  a	  social	  netwo...
Does	  Your	  ATS	  Offer	  Support	  for	  Mobile	  Devices?	  Copyright	  ©	  2013	  Talemetry,	  Inc.	  All	  rights	  r...
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70% of Candidates Use Mobile Devices to Search for Jobs… Will They Find Yours?


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Job seekers are leading the way when it comes to mobile adoption; a recent survey showed 70% of all candidates, including 65% of those already employed, reported using their mobile devices to search for job opportunities, citing convenience and availability as their most common reasons. Employers have struggled to adopt and execute mobile recruiting strategies. Browser incompatibility with recruiting software, difficulty capturing applicant information, and poor candidate experience are just a few of their challenges.

With Talemetry, employers can turn the ATS they already have into a mobile recruiting platform that candidates can really use, making recruiters more effective and efficient to decrease time-to-fill and cost-per-hire.

In this webinar, you will learn how Talemetry can help:
- Create mobile-friendly career sites with consistent brand environment and user experience across devices
- Enable applicants to apply for jobs directly from their mobile devices using their LinkedIn profiles, increasing applicant flow and improving talent pipeline
- Reach more candidates faster in real time
- Provide a scalable platform that integrates with your enterprise applicant tracking system


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70% of Candidates Use Mobile Devices to Search for Jobs… Will They Find Yours?

  1. 1. @talemetry  70%  of  Candidates  Use  Their  Mobile  Devices  to  Search  for  Jobs…Will  They  Find  Yours?  
  2. 2. Mike VilimekDirector, Product MarketingTalemetryTwitter: @mikevilimekEmail: mvilimek@talenttech.comSpeaker  
  3. 3. Talent  Acquisi8on  Has  Two  Important  Func8ons  Talent  Talent  Genera8on  External  Internal  Applicant  Tracking  
  4. 4. Why  Does  Talent  Genera8on  MaBer?  Source:  2012  State  of  Recrui8ng  Survey,  Talent  Technology  Corp.  WHAT  ARE  YOUR  ORGANIZATION’S  BIGGEST  RECRUITING  CHALLENGES?   (where  1  =  Easiest  and  3  =  Most  Difficult)  Finding  good  candidates        2.49/3  Lack  of  tasks        1.13/3  Filling  posi8ons  fast        2.32/3  Dedicated  hiring  managers        1.82/3  Managing  applicants        1.68/3  Sub-­‐par  job  descrip8ons        1.56/3  Nego8a8ng  offers        1.51/3  Contac8ng  candidates        1.48/3  Scheduling  interviews        1.44/3  Reading  resumes        1.43/3  Finding  good  candidates  is  the  biggest  challenge  recruiters  face  
  5. 5. Talent  Acquisi8on  Has  Two  Important  Func8ons  Talent  Talent  Genera8on  External  Internal  Applicant  Tracking  
  6. 6. Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   6  Applicant  Tracking  Talent  Acquisi8on  Has  Two  Important  Func8ons  External  Internal  
  7. 7. Mobile  Recrui8ng  “70%  of  all  Candidates  Use  Their  Mobile  Devices  to  Search  for  Jobs,  including  65%  of  those  already  employed”  …Will  They  Find  Yours?    
  8. 8. 1/3  of  Indeed’s  Traffic  is  from  Mobile  
  9. 9. Mobile  Traffic  
  10. 10. OHUG  2013  –  Mobile  is  the  Future  Gretchen  Alarcon  –  VP  HCM  Strategy,  Oracle  Chris  Leone  –  SVP  &  GM  Oracle/Taleo  HCM  &  TM    Carolyn  Garner  –  OHUG  President  
  11. 11. Key  Challenges  in  Suppor8ng  Mobile  Job  Seekers  #1.  Browser  incompa8bility  with  recrui8ng  sohware      #2.  Difficulty  capturing  applicant  informa8on      #3.  Poor  candidate  experience  
  12. 12. Challenge:  Can’t  View  Jobs  
  13. 13. Challenge:  Don’t  Have  a  Resume  
  14. 14. Challenge:  Type  a  Resume?  
  15. 15. Is  This  Mobile  Support?  
  16. 16. Mobile  Viewing  Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   16  By  2012,  there  were  twice  as  many  mobile-­‐broadband  as  fixed-­‐broadband  subscribers.  Need  to  support  viewing  on  mobile  devices.  The  Problem  Career  sites  are  viewable  on  mobile  devices  with    responsive  designs  and  detect  mobile  device  browsers  to  direct  to  a  simple  format  Allow  more  candidates  to  view  career  site  content  and  apply  for  jobs  by  suppor`ng  mobile  access  The  Value  The  Solu8on  Career  Sites  Source:  The  Interna8onal  Telecoms  Union,  Measuring  the  Informa8on  Society  MIS  2012  
  17. 17. Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   17  `  Mobile  Viewing  Career  Sites  •  All  career  sites  are  built  on  HTML5  allowing  them  to  be  fully  viewable  on  mobile  devices.        •  Responsive  designs  scale  to  view  properly  on  mobile  devices.    •  Alternate  career  site  format  available  to  detect  mobile  device  browsers  and  direct  to  a  simple  format.  How  it  Works  
  18. 18. Mobile  Applica8ons  Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   18  By  2012,  there  were  twice  as  many  mobile-­‐broadband  as  fixed-­‐broadband  subscribers.  Need  to  support  viewing  on  mobile  devices.  The  Problem  Applica8on  screens  that  are  viewable  and  conform  to  the  size  restric8ons  of  mobile  devices  Candidates  can  apply  directly  from  their  mobile  devices  The  Value  The  Solu8on  Apply  Workflow  Source:  The  Interna8onal  Telecoms  Union,  Measuring  the  Informa8on  Society  MIS  2012  
  19. 19. Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   19  Applica8on  screens  that  are  viewable  and  conform  to  the  size  restric8ons  of  mobile  devices  The  Solu8on  Mobile  Applica8ons  Apply  Workflow  •  Applica8on  forms  are  built  on  HTML5  allowing  them  to  be  fully  viewable  on  mobile  devices.        •  Responsive  designs  auto-­‐scale  down  for  viewing  and  interac8on  on  mobile  devices.    How  it  Works  
  20. 20. Social  Profile  Capture  Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   20  Apply  Extrac8on  Candidates  on  mobile  devices  ohen  do  not  have  access  to  an  up-­‐to-­‐date  resume,  and  therefore  will  not  apply    The  Problem  Candidates  can  submit  a  social  networking  profile  to  be  extracted,  normalized,  and  fed  into  the  appropriate  data  fields  within  your  ATS  Capture  more  of  the  best  applicants  by  making  it  easy  for  them  to  apply,  even  if  they  do  not  have  an  up-­‐to-­‐date  resume  The  Value  The  Solu8on  
  21. 21. Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   21  Candidates  can  submit  a  social  networking  profile  to  be  extracted,  normalized,  and  fed  into  the  appropriate  data  fields  within  your  ATS  The  Solu8on  Social  Profile  Capture  Apply  Extrac8on  How  it  Works  •  The  ability  for  candidates  to  apply  for  a  job  by  submirng  the  informa8on  from  one  of  their  social  networking  profiles.    •  Contact  Informa8on,  Work  History,  and  Educa8on  History  and  other  informa8on  is  converted,  extracted,  normalized,  and  fed  into  appropriate  data  fields  within  your  ATS.    •  The  informa8on  can  be  presented  back  to  the  candidate  during  the  applica8on  process,  allowing  for  any  edits  or  addi8ons  to  the  extracted  informa8on.  •  This  improves  the  candidates  applica8on  experience  and  reduces  drop-­‐off,  especially  for  those  that  do  not  have  or  have  access  to  an  up-­‐to-­‐date  resume,  such  as  mobile  job  seekers.  It  prevents  them  from  having  to  manually  enter  their  informa8on.  
  22. 22. Does  Your  ATS  Offer  Support  for  Mobile  Devices?  Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   22  Thomas  Ocer,  Gartner  Inc.  Predicts  2013:  Nexus  of  Forces  Alters  Administra8ve  ERP  Outlooks,  Gartner  Inc.,  21  November  2012  A  new  wave  of  vendors  is  disrup8ng  the  candidate-­‐facing  elements  of  the  recrui8ng  process,  providing  viable  alterna8ves  to  tradi8onal  Applicant  Tracking  System  (ATS)  offerings  Dont  assume  that  your  ATS  provider  has  the  best  prac8ce  for  candidate-­‐facing  processes,  and  dont  wait  for  it  to  build  something  if  it  doesnt  have  such  a  system.  
  23. 23. Ques8ons?  Source  &  CRM   Job  Broadcast   Career  Sites   Apply