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Salesforce Summer 12 - Main Changes


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This presentation contains the main key changes and enhancements that I pieced together from Salesforce's Summer 12 release notes.
Highlighted in red are the changes/enhancements that have great impact or importance.
Tal Carmi

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Salesforce Summer 12 - Main Changes

  1. 1. Salesforce Summer 12 Main Changes Summary Out of Scope: Knowledge, Mobile,, APICreated by Tal Carmi, Salesforce Specialist
  2. 2. Main Changes • Chatter Messenger – Needs to be activated – Can be integrated into visualforce pages • Multi Contact Tasks – Needs to be activated – Allow you to connect a task to up to 10 contacts, one of which is defined as the main contact – Will not be returned by queries on Task in code saved in API 24 or below – Do not work with old Office integration to Salesforce (connect to outlook)Created by Tal Carmi, Salesforce Specialist
  3. 3. Main Changes • Improved “Search & Add” Products • Cases – New case feeds functionality – New case feed visualforce components • Chatter Answers is now available in Partner/Customer portals • Reports Home Page – You can now drag reports between folders – Different icons for report and dashboardCreated by Tal Carmi, Salesforce Specialist
  4. 4. Main Changes • Reports & Dashboards – In joined reports, formulas can now include values from different blocks – Charts can be added to joined reports – Charts can now be defined regardless of the underlying report’s grouping or summary fields – Combination charts are now available in dashboards and not only in reports – Report Timeout Warning – a warning that appears if the system suspects a report may timeout, needs to be enabledCreated by Tal Carmi, Salesforce Specialist
  5. 5. Main Changes • Reports – New date-literals are available • & Setup – Visual workflows now support sub-flows (you can incorporate an existing flow as a part of another flow) – New way to read/write to flow variables – Flow sorting & UI enhancements – Flows can be accessed and used by visualforce pagesCreated by Tal Carmi, Salesforce Specialist
  6. 6. Main Changes • & Setup – Describe for field sets is now available (i.e. get what fields are included in a given field set) – The development mode footer can be disabled – Workspaces are now available in the developer console – Schema Builder is now available and you can create & edit objects and fields within it – Permission sets can now define which tabs a user can seeCreated by Tal Carmi, Salesforce Specialist
  7. 7. Main Changes • Apex – JSON Methods improvements in Apex – New System.Type methods (allows to dynamically create an instance of any type) – Asynchronous processes are now run at the end of a test class if the StartTest/StopTest are not specified (from API 25) – List.sort can now be used on lists of non-primitive data types (i.e. custom classes or sObjects) – SOQL “Offset” is now available (queries the records after “jumping” x records)Created by Tal Carmi, Salesforce Specialist
  8. 8. Main Changes • Additional Enhancements – Log-in as any user (activation through Salesforce) – Data export size has increased – Recent Items in setup (beta) – Incoming email snapshot (helpful to debug email services) – Master-Detail records can be re-parented (i.e. change the parent of a child record) – New lookup behaviors (main one – can automatically delete related records when the parent is deleted) – Time dependent workflows can re-trigger workflowsCreated by Tal Carmi, Salesforce Specialist