What did we read in summer?


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What did we read in summer?

  1. 1. WRİTE A SUMMARY OF THE BOOK Gabriel likes Silvia but Silvia wants Marco because he is rich.Marco is rich but he isn’t good.Gabriel comes with a rose and two film tickets but Silvia doesn’t want these.She goes to a restaurant with Marco.In the restaurant the earthquake happens at 8.27 p.m.Silvia is at the restaurant toilet at that moment so she is safe.The earthquake is terrible.A lot of people die in the earthquake and a lot of buildings fall down.Gabriel is safe from the earthquake but he broke his arm.Silvia’s neighbours save Silvia’s sick mother from the earthquake..Gabriel protects Silvia’s house from the thieves and help pour people.Marco is safe too,but he doesn’t help anybody in the earthquake.Silvia understands Gabriel is a good man and Marco is not a good man.
  2. 2. DESCRIBE THE CHARACTERS  SİLVİA=Silvia is a beautiful good young girl.She has got long black hair and brown eyes.She wants a good and a rich life.  MARCO=Marco is handsome and rich but he is not a good man.He likes Silvia but he doesn’t like Gabriel.  GABRİEL=Gabriel is a good young man.He isn’t rich but he is helpfull.He likes Silvia.
  3. 3. WRİTE ABOUT YOUR FAVOURİTE CHARACTER My favourite character is Gabriel because he is helpfull and kind.He helps poor people in the earthquake.He wants to help Silvia and Silvia’s mother.He protects Silvia’s house from the thieves.
  4. 4. WRİTE ONE MORE CHAPTER Marco didn’t die in the earthqake because a lot of people helped him.He didn’t say thank you and he didn’t help pour people in the earthqake.He went out quickly. The earthqake was awfull 2500 people died and the loss was$.When the earthquake finished Gabriel called his mum and dad.He was happy because they were alive.After ten days Gabriel proposed (teklif etmek) to marry Silvia.Silvia said yes and 6 months later Silvia and Gabriel were married.Gabriel and Silvia had a beautiful life but marco was sad.
  6. 6. PREPARE A PİCTURE DİCTİONARY Pour ear t hquake heel soft glad fain t shut br acelet cr ow d pile shop keeper
  7. 7. M ed icin e cr ack cushion t r uck
  8. 8. TRUE - FALSE SENTENCES 1-Marco was rich. 2-Silvia’s surname was Brown. 3-Silvia’s mother was sick. 4-Marco gave a red rose to Silvia. 5-Gabriel stopped the thieves. 6- Gabriel and Silvia went to cinema. 7-Silvia’s mother was dead. 8-Marco helped poor people in the earthquake. 9-Silvia went to the toilet of the restaurant. 10-There were a lot of people in restaurant. (T) (F) (T) (F) (T) (F) (F) (F) (T) (T)
  9. 9. QUESTIONS  1-When did the earthquake happen?  2-What is Silvia’s surname?  3-Where did Silvia and Marco go?  4-What did Gabriel have in his hand?  5-Was Marco a good man?  6-Why did Marco shout to the restaurant manager?  7-Did Gabriel go to his mother after the earthqake?Why?  8-Was Gabriel a good man?  9-Was Silvia rich or poor?  10-Who saved Mrs. Delgado?
  10. 10. ANSWER KEY  1-The earthquake happened at 8.27 p.m.  2-Silvia’s surname was DELGADO  3-They went to Oasis Restaurant.  4-He had a red rose in his hand.  5-No,he wasn’t.  6-Because,he didn’t want to sit near the kitchen.  7-No ,he didn’t because his mother lived far away in another town.  8-Yes,he was.  9-Silvia was poor.  10-Mrs.Garcia saved Mrs.Delgado.
  11. 11. Thanks for watching