Coaching Corps Salesforce Implementation: Case Study


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An integrated volunteer and partner management system including a volunteer portal to collect online application, track open positions, manage partner requests, and easily pull reports to know where their efforts would be best spent.

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  • Coaching Corps Salesforce Implementation: Case Study

    1. 1. Tal Frankfurt Founder/CEO @cloud4good Gladys Garcia Research & Evaluation Manager Bay Area User Group
    2. 2. • Introductions • Coaching Corps Case Study • Cloud for Good's Apps: o Nonprofit 101 o Donation Split Agenda
    3. 3. Case study Read the full case study here: -studies/case-study-coaching-corps/
    4. 4. Gladys Garcia • Manager of Research & Evaluation o Administrator o Volunteer Management Systems o Program Evaluation Systems
    5. 5. OUR MISSION We improve the health, educational and social outcomes for kids living in struggling communities through the power of service and sports.
    6. 6. Tal Frankfurt • Previously a director of Resource Development for a NPO • Founder/CEO • Salesforce MVP • Certified Consultant • User Group Leader
    7. 7. Kalman Sweetwine • Previous NPO work; o Vol. Mgmt o Fundraising /Grants o At Risk Youth / Families o Int'l Development • Sr. Cloud Consultant • Certified Consultant • User Group Co-Leader
    8. 8. Working with organizations to create and implement strategic solutions based on cloud technology. • • Google Apps Cloud for Good
    9. 9. Existing Clients
    10. 10. The Situation Coaching Corps' Volunteer Management 2005-2012
    11. 11. No Real Time Data o Coach and Partner data was held in 10+ spreadsheets a season o Program wide coach placement numbers were not readily available to anyone in the organization 12 Step Coach Placement Process o The majority of all coach placement activities landed on staff o Maintaining coach placement activities was very staff dependant Data Nightmare o Staff were focused on data entry instead of coach recruitment o Data could not be easily checked for inconsistencies Challenges
    12. 12. Step 1: Explore Volunteer Management Systems o Existing systems were not ideal for coaching specific volunteer management o Limited field customization ... we could not collect data we needed for existing evaluation or grant reporting purposes Step 2: Explore CRM Systems o Experience working with nonprofits o Customizable o Able to integrate with other systems o Accessible to our coaches and partners Step 3: Find Developers o Experience working with nonprofits o Responsive RFP Process/ Why Did We Go With Salesforce
    13. 13. Implementation Process Technology Assessment Cloud Implementation Discovery . Design . Customization . Integration . Testing Data Migration . Training . Support
    14. 14. • Extensive discovery process • Coaches o Update their information o Search for a team to coach o Approval process • Partners o Partners can view and manage organizations o Update their profile o Receive automatic notifications about matches The idea was to include Coaches and Partners in the Coach search, selection, and decision process. This not only frees staff time, it allows for personal information to be up to date, accurate, and easily updated by the coach/partner contact themselves. Solution and a Demo
    15. 15. Results For the 1st time ever...Real Time Data! •Data are easily pulled and shared via reports and/or dashboards •Staff can: o Accept applications, track open positions, manage partner requests o See the entire coaching history of a volunteer and the total number of coaches any partner has ever had Interactive Coach Placement Process •Partners add coaching opportunities, review prospective volunteers and update their status throughout the season •Coaches can initiate the coach placement process and request teams that interest them Decentralized Data Entry •Coach/Partner applications are automatically added into SDFC via a web-to-lead
    16. 16. The Learnings • Limit the scope of your project! • Depending on the scope of your project... it may take over your life. :) • Allow ample time to complete (and test) what you build • Select your partners carefully • How do you know if your system is working? o Listen to the users.
    17. 17. • Broader access to SFDC o Additional staff o Chapter Leaders • LMS/SFDC Bridge o Integration between Absorb LMS and Salesforce • Turning Portals into Communities o Incorporating social elements into our customer interface (e.g. Chatter, Voting Up) • Integration What's Next
    18. 18. The first and only salesforce manual for nonprofit organizations: listingId=a0N3000000B39t7EAB Nonprofit 101 Donation Split The Donation Split module allows organizations to record how donations should be spent based on a donor’s request. listingId=a0N3000000B39t7EAB