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Boot the Open Smart City


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Presented at ITS World Congress 2016

Published in: Technology
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Boot the Open Smart City

  1. 1. Takuro Yonezawa Keio University, Japan Boot the Open Smart City
  2. 2. EU-Japan Collaborative Smart City Project (2013-2015) (2016-2018) Funded by FP7/NICT Funded by Horizon2020/NICT ClouT Project BigClouT Project
  3. 3. Video
  4. 4. Real World Cyber World Tv =now - d Tr= now Data Sensing Current Volume&Speed UP Tv ≈ nowTr = now Big Data Sensing Seamless collection of various sensor data (IoT, People, Web) Knowledge acquisition & Sharing Tr= now’ Tv =now + D Choose Future Prediction (ML, analysis)
  5. 5. What is ‘Smart’ City • City which has A&R: Awareness and Responsiveness – Awareness: Understand/Predict City in Real-Time – Responsiveness: Change city’s functions/behaviors according to it’s situation LIFE ENVIRONMENT ECONOMY etc..
  6. 6. From Legacy City Elements to Smart Community, City Self-A&R Surrounding-A&R Application Automated Driving Smart Navigation etc. Community-A&R Legacy City Element Smart City Element Smart Organization, Community.. IoT Empowerment Data Sharing Application Smart Delivery Scheduling etc. 100Hz Data 1Hz Data * 100 cars
  7. 7. Available on SFCity: Open Smart City Platform  Coping with various physical/virtual sensors  Providing unified APIs for various languages  Flexible Data Sharing Make ready as smart city elements Share tons of data for smart city users
  8. 8. Example of city data volume and diversity
  9. 9. Example of city data volume and diversity ⦁Environment Type Temperature・Humidity Weather・UV Pollen・PM2.5/NOX/NO2.. Rain・River Level・Sea Level Earthquake ⦁Industry Type Stock price Gas price Catch of Fish Public transportation info. Blood donation Advertisement num. Job offer Housing price ⦁Human flow Parking lot info. Traffic congestion Number of tweets Safety info. Num. of people in Beach Police information Construction info. Energy Power Consumption Amount of garbage Congestion of buses Hotel availability Number of Crime Participatory Sensing …. All data can be accessed as sensor data stream Using Sensor-over-XMPP technology
  10. 10. Human flow + parking lot(with Tokyo Univ.) Various data (with ClouT) Environmental data Parking lot Video
  11. 11. Boot the Smart City by maximize utilization of existing city assets • Public Cars as Sensors • WEB as Sensors • Crowd as Sensors How can we collect/share massive city data in a sustainable way ? Not only for rich cities - for Any Cities Example: Fujisawa City, Japan
  12. 12. 1. Public cars as Sensors  Garbage trucks go around entire city everyday  Spatially full-covered environmental sensing
  13. 13. 1. Public cars as Sensors Leveraging daily-use public cars for city sensing With NTT R&D Video
  14. 14. 2. WEB as Sensors Transform WEB(without APIs) to IoT Data Stream instantly • Websites about city already exist a lot • Some of them are periodically updated • Act alike sensors Change such websites to real IoT data stream One billion websites
  15. 15. WEB Sensorizer (Google Chrome Plugin) Auto finding&sensorize Manual sensorize X 2 ways of sensorize
  16. 16. Data Finder Data Warrior Finding and activating good sensors ! Creating new services with the sensors! … Smart city apps. Sensorizer Leveraging City data excavation hackathon City application hackathon … Internet Data digging Smart City API-Ready Sensors Data Excavation Hackathon not only use already-opened data, but also find&sensorize data
  17. 17. 3. Crowd as Sensors Virtual Sensor Nodes StreetLight DeadAnimal DisasterReport Graffiti IllegalGarbage RoadDamage Citizen / City Staffs as data publisher City Apps. Photo, GPS, Comment.. Publish Data Stream
  18. 18. ~100 reports per day from city staffs
  19. 19. Multi-sensors integrated Applications
  20. 20. Virtual IoT Sensors Virtual WEB Sensors Virtual Crowd Sensors UnifiedAPIs
  21. 21. City Sensors Video
  22. 22. Lesson Learnt • Only big companies / cities can lead smart city ? – should be NOT ! • Possibility to – leverage daily city service as sensing tasks • “sharksucker” sensing with public cars • City staffs acting as sensor – generate massive IoT data stream without new IoT deployment • Possibility to leverage any city information to enhance any existing services – Open the data, then open community can leverage the data – Open Smart City Ecosystem
  23. 23. SFCity Platform: Boot the Open Smart City • For any cities without high cost • Maximize utilization of existing city assets • SFCity: open smart city platform – Enables to change WEB to data stream – Providing unified access to various data stream – Available online: • Real deployment to Fujisawa city, Japan – 100 garbage trucks has been sensorized – 3,500 city staffs can act as sensors – 10,000 Various WEBs has been sensorized – Use for city management, reducing garbage, disaster management.
  24. 24. Thank you very much ! Contact: ... And more Our Team