Preparing for a Successful Sale of your Home


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Preparing for a Successful Sale of your Home

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Preparing for a Successful Sale of your Home

  1. 1. Preparing for a Successful Sale of your Home
  2. 2. I realize that there are many choices out there when hiring an agent to sell your home and truly appreciate the opportunity to present you with my approach and the results I have achieved for my clients. As your agent I can promise you several services that I provide including: • Accurately pricing your home • Outlining a full scale marketing plan from professional photos to a custom home web page • Enhancing the perceived and real value of your home allowing you to command a higher asking price • Unmatched customer service throughout the listing process • A focus and determination to achieve your complete satisfaction Regardless of the price of your home, when you hire me as your Realtor, both you – and your home – will be prepared for a successful sale. Cheers, In Atlanta, Rick Hale & Associates
  3. 3. Marc Takacs of In Atlanta Realty has been a Realtor since 2004, helping hundreds of families achieve their individual and unique real estate goals. He attributes this success and longevity to always placing his clients’ interest first, stellar service and an intimate knowledge of the procedures, legalities, and systems necessary to get the job done and keep all parties working toward a common goal. Marc’s real estate career includes considerable experience in buying, selling, and investing in property. Through his sphere of contacts and partners, he has become a long term trusted advisor in all areas of real estate and is often consulted with general business questions and ideas from local business owners, contacts and clients. Marc earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Dayton in Information Systems and put himself through college by working at Mead Paper’s Corporate Data Center as a third shift lead. He moved to Atlanta with Mead after college and worked as a Systems Analyst focused on using leading manufacturing technology to interface with corporate business and data systems at all levels of the business unit, from the production floor to the executive suite. This analytical experience as well as interaction with people from all walks of life make him uniquely suited to navigate the legal, financial, marketing and personalities that make up the modern real estate industry. Marc is an active leader in his community, having served as President of the East Atlanta Business Association, delegate to Atlanta’s Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) system, and board member for the Porch Press, Neighbor in Need and Paws Atlanta. He has also had the opportunity to be a member of the Keller Williams Associate Leadership Council for 6 years at the Atlanta Midtown office. Marc is also active with his alumni group and supports as many local school and community initiatives as viable. About Marc Takacs
  4. 4. About Rick Hale · B.B.A. Georgia State University -1989 · Native Atlantan with 25 Years Sales Experience in Metro-Atlanta · Qualifying Broker Real Estate Licensee since 2000 · Ownership in 8 Keller Williams Market Centers and Operating Partner/Qualifying Broker in 6 · #1 Sales Agent Team in Southeast Region for Keller Williams Realty · · Successfully closed 225 transactions in 2015 (National Average is 7!) · Proven results meeting the demands of all aspects of Retail, REO and Relocation clients, producing bottom-line results · Successfully manage a team of 10 including 2 Buyer’s Agents, a Business/REO Marketing Manager, a Retail Marketing Manager, a Transaction Manager, an REO Division Manager, a Field Manager and a Director of First Impressions · On REO Mastermind Board for Keller Williams International · I provide superior client representation and I will negotiate your absolute best deal!  Our team boasts over 94 years of total experience in exceptional real estate services Personal Mission Statement “To deliver unparalleled personal service while holding myself to the highest standards of both personal and business ethics, in the pursuit of superior results. My goal is to make choosing me as your real estate professional easy the first time, and even easier the second.” Rick Hale
  5. 5. Meet the Team Roberto Vazquez originally hails from South Florida and has a degree in Interior Design. In 2000, he earned his real estate license in Florida. He and his partner moved to Atlanta in 2006 where he was a Realtor with several boutique firms. Next they relocated to Dallas where Roberto was the top salesperson in the country for West Elm. They recently moved back to Atlanta and, lucky for all of us, he just couldn’t shake that addiction to real estate. Roberto's patience, exceptional listening skills, down to earth personality, honesty, and love for homes equates to a smooth real estate experience. Sam Whitfield, originally from Athens, GA, attended the University of Georgia in his hometown where he earned a degree in Real Estate from the Terry College of Business. He moved to Atlanta in 2013 and joined the In Atlanta Realty Group and Keller Williams nearly one year later. Sam obtained his real estate sales license in 2015 and specializes in handling much of the marketing, administrative and customer relationship management tasks within the group. When not in the office, Sam is usually on the road touring with one of several bands he plays in as he pursues his musical aspirations as well.
  6. 6. Meet the Team Joel Madden Realtor Darcy Watts Transaction Manager Mark Fields Field Manager Realtor Donna LaRoche Director of First Impressions
  7. 7. Track Record of Success 42% 85% 97% Percentage of surveyed clients who would use our services again Our repeat and referral business The typical agent’s repeat and referral business Our rate of repeat and referral business serves as a testament to the results our clients achieve
  8. 8. Our Team’s Track Record of Success Listings Sold in the Last 12 Months homes and counting we have sold 132 homes the typical agent has sold 7.62
  9. 9. Our Team’s Track Record of Success Our client’s homes sell 47% faster than the typical agent’s 32.5Days for our Clients 61 Average Days on Market
  10. 10. Our Team’s Track Record of Success Our Listing Volume Vs. the Typical Agent’s Listing Volume $16,032,230 In listing volume over the past 12 months and counting. By comparison, the typical agent has only had $2,839,000 in listing volume over the past 12 months. ...that’s 465% more!
  11. 11. Our Team’s Track Record of Success 100% 95% 90% Our home sales average 98.7% of the original listing price while the typical agent only averages 93.2% of the original listing price. On a $400,000 home, that’s over $20,000 more we get for our clients. 98.7 93.2
  12. 12. Testimonials “Marc has the experience to see through the noise that is the local real estate market to get you not only the best price on selling your home but also the home that suits you best for you to then move in to. We know, we used him to sell and buy our last two homes. The home we sold went under contract in 30 days if that tells you anything about his talent as a listing agent. The home we then bought was not only a perfect fit for us but was wanted by at least 3 other buyers the day after we had our offer in. Marc was quick and nimble in getting us through both the sale and buy. He brought a soothing calm when things got a little hectic. He negotiated with skill and got us the best prices on both sides of our deals. I would use Marc again but most of all I would recommend him to anyone that needed a savvy gentleman to help them with their real estate needs.” -ANONYMOUS In January I referred Marc to a very dear friend who inherited her Aunt's 130 year old home. In weeks Marc had a contract, and then a back-up contract. Impressive; especially because the first two real estate agents my friend spoke with said that she should have the historic home demolished and sell the property as a parking lot. My friend adores Marc, and I appreciate the respect he brought to her family home. -ZERTIA Marc knows the area (East Atlanta Village and surrounding neighborhoods) better than just about anyone. There are few houses that he hasn't stepped foot in! He knows the ups, downs and trends for each as he has been well connected with area residents, businesses, and community groups for quite some time. I was a seller, but I believe that Marc is just what a buyer needs as well - a well informed, personable champion looking out for your best interests. -KATIE MLADE His enthusiasm for the community and knowledge of micro-locations within it was incredibly helpful in moving through the process. Negotiations were fairly quick and easy and the process as a whole was as stress-free as I can imagine these things get. -DEREK CHELF
  13. 13. Testimonials Marc was a dream to have as a realtor. He knew the neighborhoods that we were looking at. He knew how the neighborhoods were growing and changing. He fought for us during the offer and negotiation process. Best of all he didnt mind that our kid was screaming in the car seat, she hates cars... He said he's used to it and does it in stereo with his twins all the time. -DAVID ROWE Marc made the whole process of preparing, listing and selling the house easy and stress free. We were asked by the buyer to do a few things in order to close the deal. I was not living in Atlanta at the time so Marc handled all of the phone calls, repairs and meeting with vendors. His calm demeanor through the negotiating also helped me stay grounded and confident that everything would be OK. He is very knowledgeable of the area and willing to help with any questions you may have. I've even contacted him with questions about buying my next house and he's talked me through details that my realtor in the new town couldn't answer. He gets two thumbs up in my book. -MARY ANDREW Marc's knowledge of the industry and great sense of humor made the process not only tolerable but enjoyable. We are now in a home we love in a neighborhood we love! He has a passion for the Atlanta community as a whole, he loves what he does and it shows. -CAYCI JOHNSON Marc definitely is an expert in Real Estate, especially In- town area. He is very professional, easy to talk to and he is with you during the whole process till the end and beyond. -SERAP BILIS Marc is extremely knowledgeable about the In-town Atlanta market and its quirks. He is a true professional and works hard to help his clients -RACHEL VON INS After 4 years on the market and multiple realtors, we hadn’t had a single offer, but you and David put together a great marketing plan and made us both feel completely at ease. Each week we received a progress update via email, and were also in regular contact by telephone. Within 2 short months, not only did we have one offer, but got a second as well! -JOHN & SUSAN SCHUMAN
  14. 14. How Homes Sell The Determining Factors Buyers Use to Evaluate your Home The marketing I will do to promote your home has only one purpose - to increase awareness among potential buyers leading to in-person showings. Once buyers reach your front door, the job of marketing is over. Your home must now compete with other homes in two areas; Features and Price. If your home has more features that appeal to buyers - or your home is priced lower than comparable homes - your home will stand out as the better value. Conversely, if your home lacks the features that potential buyers desire, your only option is to compete on price. To be effective, your home should stand out as one of the top two to three best values in your immediate market place.
  15. 15. Pricing Paving the Way for a Successful Sale Accurately pricing your home is the single most effective way to ensure a successful sale. This cannot be overemphasized enough. It is the most important determining factor. No amount of marketing can sell an overpriced home. Oftentimes, sellers are tempted to list their home with the agent who quotes them the highest price. Please keep in mind, the agent doesn’t set the price, the seller doesn’t set the price - the market will set the price, or value, for your home. Factors that Influence Market Value • Supply and Demand • Economic Conditions • Asking and Selling Prices of Competing Homes • Your Home’s Condition • Buyer’s Perception of your Home Factors with Little or No Influence on Market Value • The Price the Seller Paid for the House • The Seller’s Expected Net Proceeds • The Amount Spent on Improvements
  16. 16. Pricing Providing a Professional Appraisal The most effective method of pricing your home is to have a professional appraisal. When you list - and close - your home with me, I’ll pay for a pre-listing appraisal by a reputable and respected appraisal firm. Benefits of having a professional appraisal: • You receive an unbiased, third party opinion of the market value of your home by a trained professional. • You are positioned to quickly recognize and respond to a market offer. • You are positioned to effectively challenge a low lender’s appraisal of your home, maintaining your higher contract price. A lender will consider a well- known appraisers valuation - they will not consider an estimate provided by a real estate agent. • You avoid the common practice of a real estate agent “buying your listing” by suggesting a higher price than can be achieved. Because the agent would then be reluctant to suggest a price reduction early in the marketing process, you lose valuable time during those critical first several weeks on the market.
  17. 17. Condition Preparing Your Home for a Successful Sale As stated earlier, the condition of your home plays a huge role in getting it under contract and eventually sold. Therefore, there is great benefit to making sure your home looks its best prior to putting it on the market. In addition to sprucing up your home to make it look it’s best, there are also small remodeling jobs that will pay off at resale once your home closes. I can advise you about specific improvements that will increase your home's marketability and value prior to getting it on the market. Addressing and repairing problems/improvements early in the marketing process places you in control, eliminating the stress of making repairs on the buyer’s schedule. Having your home in move- in condition also helps you avoid delays to closing and demonstrates to buyers, agents and the buyer’s home inspector that your house has been very well maintained. We want buyers to focus on how they would live in your home - not what they would have to repair. Additionally, your house will stand out from the competition as a better value and command a higher price. I will also recommend trustworthy, professional contractors to address any repairs that are needed. The extent that these repairs are made will directly affect your listing price. You have the ability to command a higher asking price, and substantiate it, when your home is in top condition.
  18. 18. Condition Home Warranty While your home is listed with us, it will be covered by a nationally- recognized home warranty from First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation. The benefit to you is that many of the normal day-to-day repairs are covered under this plan while your home is listed. By advertising a comprehensive warranty for your home, we increase buyer confidence in your home and set you apart from the competition.
  19. 19. Marketing Marketing Your Home for a Successful Sale Your home is now looking great and priced accurately. Let’s show it to the world! The marketing of your home will reflect research of how buyers search for and purchase homes within your area. • 95% of buyers use the Internet during their home search. • 85% of all home sales in Atlanta are co- brokered. This means there is a listing agent who represents you, the seller, and another agent who represents the buyer of your home. As a result, marketing to Realtors® is our most productive activity. • The most effective way to get the attention of productive agents and buyers is through accurate pricing and great photography.
  20. 20. Marketing Professional Photography Our Pictures Their Pictures After your home is staged, I will pay to have your home photographed by a professional photographer. With 95% of buyers using the Internet to search for homes, professional photography is essential to any comprehensive marketing plan. The amount of online traffic your home gets will greatly outweigh the amount of foot traffic it will receive. Getting, and holding, the attention of online viewers with professional photography is one way to increase the probability of an in-person showing. “Buyers perceive homes with professional photography to be worth, on average, 12% more than the actual price.” The Wall Street Journal
  21. 21. Marketing Internet Marketing Your home will be featured on it’s very own, custom property website. Having this feature allows buyers, as well as other agents, to have an unobstructed view of your home without other properties or advertisements distracting them. Your home will also be uploaded to both the GAMLS and FMLS, Atlanta’s two premiere multiple listing services. Along with professional photographs, we will also write a detailed and accurate home description highlighting all of the best features of your home, catching other agent’s eyes and in turn attracting potential buyers. Throughout this process, our team will send you updates and links to these sites so that you can see exactly how your home is displayed to the world.
  22. 22. Marketing Mobile Marketing Your home will also be accessible by mobile devices via the cutting edge Keller Williams search app compatible with all smart phones. All of our custom single property websites that we create for our listings are formatted for mobile devices as well. Today’s tech savvy consumers are bombarded with information daily, and expect the information they do need to be accessible from anywhere quickly. Potential buyers will have no trouble at all finding out about your home from anywhere at anytime.
  23. 23. Marketing Internet Marketing I will place your home on the world’s leading real estate web sites for unmatched exposure. Here are just a few of the sites where your home will be found. . .
  24. 24. Marketing Internet Marketing Your home will be featured on our Keller Williams web site where it can be seen by thousands of daily visitors. Your home will also be directly accessible by nearly 700 other Keller Williams market centers and over 100 thousand KW agents across the globe. Additionally, all open houses that are scheduled will be promoted through both of Atlanta’s premiere multiple listing services as well as numerous other sites. This allows for a greater probability of foot traffic for potential buyers.
  25. 25. Marketing Direct Mail and Email Marketing I will market your home rigorously through direct mail with just listed postcards. These cards solely feature your home on them and go out to hundreds of homes within the area of where your property is listed. Additionally, I send out a monthly e- newsletter which is distributed to nearly 700 contacts in my database and will showcase your property as a featured listing.
  26. 26. Marketing Marketing to Other Agents As stated before, 85% percent of all home sales in Atlanta are co-brokered, meaning that the buyer is also represented by an agent. With that being said, other agents are some of the most important people to market to. Your home will be featured on both the GAMLS and FMLS; the two premiere multiple listing services throughout the state. These sites are designed to facilitate cooperation with other brokers in pairing sellers with other agent’s buyers. Your property page will include: • Up to 40 oversized photos • Detailed descriptions of your home. • Interactive maps • Open house notices • Lead generation forms for potential buyers Your home will also be sent out to hundreds of realtors in my database through just listed email blasts. In addition, I will host special broker open houses to give other agents an opportunity to experience the home firsthand.
  27. 27. Service What Else can you Expect from Me In addition to the services we’ve covered, you can expect me to provide the following: • Attentive service provided by our team, focusing on your wants, needs and questions throughout the listing, contract, and closing process. • Regular communications regarding every aspect of our efforts and the results of those efforts as well as any changes in the market, including new listings, price changes of competing homes, sales and how we should re-position your property to remain competitive. • Assistance negotiating offers and preparing contracts. • Attending the closing to ensure all contract provisions have been met and that you are fully satisfied with the results of your sale.
  28. 28. Why Keller Williams? There is a reason more and more agents are making the change to Keller Williams Realty. Here's why it matters to you: Knowledge Powerful curriculum through Keller Williams University keeps us ahead of trends, tools and advancements in the real estate industry. Speed Leading-edge technology solutions accelerate our efficiency and productivity. Teamwork Contrary to other real estate companies, Keller Williams Realty was designed to reward agents for working together – to serve clients better. Reliability Keller Williams Realty was founded on the principles of trust and honesty, emphasizing the importance of having the integrity to do the right thing and always putting the customers needs first. Success Keller Williams Realty is the fastest growing real estate company in North America and in 2014 became the largest as well.
  29. 29. 29 Single Family Detached Residences Provided By ChartMaster Services, LLC exclusively for Keller Williams Realty 3Q 2016 Metro Market Report Keller Williams Realty became the NUMBER 1 real estate company in the Atlanta Metro area in unit sales during 2010 and has maintained or increased that lead every year through 2017 29
  30. 30. Single Family Detached Residences Provided By ChartMaster Services, LLC exclusively for Keller Williams Realty 2Q 2017 Metro Market Report Previous Listing Period Data Included 2Q 2017 Only What is the REAL STORY? Many times listed properties will have expired or been withdrawn one or more times prior to the listing period in which they sold. Including the original listing prices and cumulative days on market from those previous listing periods, results in a more realistic set of measurements. The Real Story 30 * Medians: Half are above and half are below FMLS data for single family detached residences. Data is believed to be accurate, but is not warranted. ©2017 ChartMaster Services, LLC. All rights reserved. This page may not be reproduced without the written permission of (In PowerPoint Normal mode, Double-click anywhere in graphic, enter price range number then double-click outside the worksheet to finish) Enter Your Price Range N umber: 9 Desired Price Range N umbers: 1 <$100K 2 $100K-$199K 3 $200K-$299K 4 $300K-$499K 5 $500K-$749K 6 $750K-$999K 7 $1.0M-$1.49M 8 $1.5M+ 9 All Combined Total Closed 15,681 Closings(100%) 97.7% S/L* 23 DOM* Price Reduced 5,292 Closings(33.7%) 92.7% S/L* 112 DOM* No Price Reduction 10,389 Closings(66.3%) 100.0% S/L* 9 DOM* Previously Listed 2,307 Closings(14.7%) 91.1% S/L* 203 DOM* Not Previously Listed 2,985 Closings(19.0%) 93.5% S/L* 60 DOM* Previously Listed 838 Closings(5.3%) 98.8% S/L* 147 DOM* Not Previously Listed 9,551 Closings(60.9%) 100.0% S/L* 7 DOM*
  31. 31. 31 Single Family Detached Residences Provided By ChartMaster Services, LLC exclusively for Keller Williams Realty 3Q 2016 Metro Market Report Going further back in the market cycle and using each current-month’s active listings divided by the average of the previous 3 months of sales yields the monthly supply (black line) The history of monthly active/sold/supply from Jan., 2008 shows the magnitude of the current drop in Active Listings, from the high of 40,415 in July, 2008 to 14,078 (-65.2%) in June, 2017 while monthly sales increased by +63.0% from 3,353 to 5,463 and the resulting supply of 12.1 months fell to 2.7 months (-77.7%) 31
  32. 32. Single Family Detached Residences Provided By ChartMaster Services, LLC exclusively for Keller Williams Realty Measurement Peak of the Buyer’s Mkt. (Jan., 2009) Current Seller’s Market (2Q, 2017) Effect Active Listings 31,121 14,078 Fewer Choices Supply in Months 16.1 2.7 More Buyer Competition % Distressed Sales 40.8% 2.8% Fewer “Bargains” # Sold 1,898 5,463 More Active Market Median Sales Price $143,000 $275,000 Higher Selling Prices Median DOM 145 22 Quicker Sale Median % S/OLP Price 80.3% 97.7% Less Negotiation % Price Reductions 75.4% 33.7% Less Seller Pressure % Failed Listings 74.6% 20.1% Lower Price Resistance FMLS data for single family detached residences. Data is believed to be accurate, but is not warranted. ©2017 Chartmaster Services, LLC. All rights reserved. This page may not be reproduced without the written permission of A Seller’s Market occurs when the number of properties available for sale divided by average monthly sales calculates the number of months it would take to sell the current inventory if no other properties were listed – when that number equals 6 months or less, a Seller’s Market exists Our metro Atlanta market became a Seller’s Market during 2012 resulting in several changes benefitting sellers, as illustrated here using the peak of the Buyer’s Market compared to where we were in 2Q 2017
  33. 33. Single Family Detached Residences Provided By ChartMaster Services, LLC exclusively for Keller Williams Realty 2Q 2017 Metro Market Report 2Q Data Only Only 50% of finalized 2Q 2017 Atlanta listings were initially priced “in the market” Price vs. Competition Out of The Market Homes that Don’t Sell Poor Below Above Great 24% In the Market Houses that Sell in a median of 9 days 24 50% 26% Condition vs. Competition Chased The Market 33 FMLS data for single family detached residences. Data is believed to be accurate, but is not warranted. ©2017 ChartMaster Services, LLC. All rights reserved. This page may not be reproduced without the written permission of
  34. 34. 34 Single Family Detached Residences Provided By ChartMaster Services, LLC exclusively for Keller Williams Realty 3Q 2016 Metro Market Report A comparison of supply by price range between June, 2017 and June, 2016 shows the extent to which the Supply/Demand environment has changed Each of these price ranges remained in their same position relative to a Buyer’s/Seller’s market with only minor changes year over year The overall change was just -.1 month 34
  35. 35. Thank You Thank you for the privilege and opportunity to work with you. As always, feel free to call me if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting with you and helping you achieve a successful sale. Marc Takacs Realtor, ABR Keller Williams Realty Midtown 1420 Peachtree St, Ste 100 Atlanta, GA 30309 Cell: 404.538.6849 Office: 404.604.3284