NIFT Entrance Exam: Preparation, Guidance & Training in HyderabadThere is much more to fashion than clothes and models. De...
Whereas those opting for leather design will learn about leather processing, surfacingtechniques,computer applications, re...
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NIFT Entrance Exam: Preparation Guidance & Training in Hyderabad


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  • I found a lot of great NIFT preparation tips and strategies at The Opus Way hopefully you guys find it useful too!
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NIFT Entrance Exam: Preparation Guidance & Training in Hyderabad

  1. 1. NIFT Entrance Exam: Preparation, Guidance & Training in HyderabadThere is much more to fashion than clothes and models. Designing clothes is only a partof fashion; there are several other areas that are equally creative. For those who possess asense of style and design, a career in fashion designing gives an impetus to their creativeflair.Top Designing Institution in India:National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) offers several courses in design,management and technology. It aims at establishing the benchmark for the quality ofprofessionals that go into the fashion industry. The institute has 15 professionally-managed centers in New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kannur, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar,Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, Jodhpur, Kangara, Mumbai, Patna, Rae Bareli, Shillong andKolkata.The courses offered at NIFT are extensively integrated with fashion business. NIFToffers four- year Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) courses in accessory design, fashioncommunication, fashion design, knitwear design, leather design and textile design;Bachelor of fashion technology (B.F.Tech.) in apparel production. It also provides twoyear course in Master of design(M.Des.); Master of fashion management (MFT); Masterof fashion technology (M.F.Tech.).Admission :Admission into NIFT is based on a written test where candidates will be tested in variousfacets of skill, aptitude and knowledge of the opted program. A situation test,psychometric test, group discussions and interview are also conducted.The written test includes a General Ability Test (GAT) that comprises of various sectionssuch as quantitative ability, communication ability, English comprehension, analyticalability and a business domain test -- where the candidate’s knowledge and awareness istested about the fashion industry etc.The Creative Ability Test will examine ones skill, power of observation, innovation anddesign ability. Students who are short listed after the written tests are required to undergoa Situation Test Some courses like Bachelors in Apparel Production, include aManagerial Ability Test (MAT) that will include examine students in three sub tests --Case Study, Business Domain Test and Logical Ability.Some of the Masters program include a psychometric test where candidates are tested inTask Oriented Competencies and People Oriented Competencies.Course Features :Students opting for fashion design will have subjects such as fashion illustration anddesign,fashion studies, elements of textiles and will have to undergo an industryinternship.
  2. 2. Whereas those opting for leather design will learn about leather processing, surfacingtechniques,computer applications, retailing and design products. They will also be trainedin merchandising and supply chain, advanced pattern making and construction.Accessory design programme helps students address a wide range of accessories andlifestyle products, precious and costume jewellery, leather goods, footwear, watches, giftwear, tableware and other various products. Each centre offers a separate specialisation inaccessory design programme.The four-year course in apparel production trains students in the apparel manufacturingtechnology. Students learn about equipment and processes thorough hands on training inlaboratory, classroom sessions and industry exposure. Students will also use computerapplications in apparel production.Carrier :Those who successfully complete their graduate and postgraduate degree program willget placement assistance. Several leading companies conduct campus recruitmentannually. Students are being placed in companies like Adidas, Calvin Klein, BlackBerry’s, Pantaloon Group Shahi Export House, Raymond and Reebok to name a few.NIFT Prepare students to pursue careers as designers, design managers, merchandisers,freelance design consultants, forecasting and fashion trend forum organizers, fashioncommunication journalists or costume designers in textile industry.Entrance Exam Guidance & Training :To get the admission in to best designing colleges in India, one should have properGuidance & Training. In Hyderabad, Since 2001, Takshshila Institute Of ProfessionalStudies is providing Objective-Centric coaching in the preparation of NIFT, NID, CEED& other premier design Institutes Entrance Examinations. Coaching is provided forWritten Exams, Studio Tests, Situation Tests, Portfolio Guidance and Interview. Modesof teaching include Class room training, Distance Education with Contact Classes andPostal Courses.For more information visit : http://www.takshshila.netTakshshila Institute Of Professional StudiesAdmission Office 1-11-212/2Street No. 4, Gurumurthy LaneBegumpet, Hyderabad 500016-------------------------------------------------------------Moblie No +91-09963338877Phone No +91-40 66203313, 66203314eMail