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XBRL Workshop in Mumbai

XBRL workshop being conducted in Mumbai at Cuffe Parade

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XBRL Workshop in Mumbai

  1. 1. Two Days Workshop on XBRLA Comprehensive Course for Finance Professionals: Learn about XBRLframework, architecture, taxonomies, reports and implementationaspects Saturday, February 19 & Sunday, February 20, 2011Description“Business & Financial Reporting with XBRL” is a two-day training consisting of acompressive overview of the XBRL technology. It includes presentation of theXBRL framework and architecture, a set of exercises providing practical insightinto the business case for XBRL and an overview of selected major XBRL projectsand implementations.ObjectivesThe aim of the training is to:- • explore the benefits of electronic business reporting using XBRL; • introduce XBRL terminology; • provide overview of XBRL architecture including taxonomy modeling techniques (best practices and design patterns); • investigate the structure and components of instance documents and their relation to a taxonomy; • experience exercises comprised of developing a data model and a taxonomy, as well as creation of a sample instance document; • introduce major XBRL projects and taxonomiesTarget audienceIt is targeted at finance professionals, investors, investment analysts andacademics with the following profiles: • Accountants, Auditors, Financial Controllers (Chartered Accountants) • Investors & Investment Analysts (CFAs, MBAs and Business Analysts), • Management Representatives (CFOs, CTOs, CIOs, Project Managers), • Professors and Students of Accounting, Finance and IT.
  2. 2. Required entry level of XBRL knowledge: noneExpected level of XBRL knowledge achieved during the course: intermediateAgendaThe course outline includes the following: Day One: February 19, 20119:30-10:00 AM Registration10:00-11:30 AM Session – I 1. Introduction to XBRL 1.1.Purpose of use and principle of operation 1.2.Development (history, governance and resources) 1.3.Relation to XML and other business data exchange standards 1.4.Component of business reporting supply chain (from internal systems to public analysis) 1.5. Application use cases11:30-11:45 AM Tea Break11:45-01:15 PM Session – II 2. XBRL architecture overview and use cases based Indian GAAP C&I Taxonomy 2.1. Dictionaries of concepts - Taxonomies 2.2. Meta data (formal logical and physical model for information requirements)01:15-2:00 PM Lunch Break02:00-3:30 PM Session - III 2.3. Presentation of a business concept (primary and dimensional components, compound concepts) 2.4. Labels and references03:30-03:45 PM Tea Break03:45-05:30 PM Session – IV 2.5. Taxonomy structures and relations between concepts 2.6. Business rules (calculations, assertions and transformations) 2
  3. 3. Day Two: February 20, 201110:00-11:30 AM Session – V 3. Reports - instance documents 3.1. Contextual information (identification of a reporting entity, period) 3.2. Units of measure11:30-11:45 AM Tea Break11:45-01:15 PM Session - VI 3.3. Construction of facts (values for business concepts) 3.4. Footnotes 3.5. Presentation and viewing in browsers Inline XBRL01:15-2:00 PM Lunch Break02:00-3:30 PM Session - VII 4.1 Dimensions – Logic and Architecture03:30-03:45 PM Tea Break03:45-05:30 PM Session - VIII 4.2 Overview of XBRL Projects and Taxonomies 4.3 Questions and AnswersMaterials and software applicationsParticipants will be provided with a hand outs of presentation and software ontrial basis for use during hands-on exercises to create and edit XBRL taxonomiesand instance documents. Trainees should bring their own laptop computers withsupport for installation of Java-based applications.About the TrainersThe training is provided and conducted by Business Reporting – Advisory Group(BR-AG), Poland. The BR-AG is the leading XBRL advisory company committed tohelping institutions and businesses create sustainable value for their customersand shareholders through implementation of innovative internal and externalbusiness reporting solutions.The BR-AG experts gathered their knowledge and experience by supporting andleading over 30 national and international XBRL projects in 25 countries.Please see the BR-AG website for more information: 3
  4. 4. Workshop VenueVista,World Trade Centre,Cuffe Parade,Mumbai – 400 005.RegistrationOnline registration available at:-http://www.nextgenknowledge.comEmail : info@nextgenknowledge.comConference FeesRs. 10,000/- per participantGroup of three or more @ Rs. 9,000/- per participant *** 4