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1. Just four Exam ,2. 15 Full Days Classes (Only on Sundays), 3. 120hrs of Revision Online Classes is free , 4.) Face to Face or Online Live both mode, 5. Equivalent Qualification to CA, 6.) Highest Accounting Qualification, 7.) Faculty is working with Big4 in US Advisory Service.

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Usa cpa prez

  1. 1. The No.1 Chartered AccountingDesignation in the world.Training Programme
  2. 2.  Certified Public Accountant Highest accounting qualification in the worldsimilar(but higher) to CA qualification in India American Institute of Certified Public Accountants(AICPA) conducts the examination AICPA is the highest Accounting body of the world Member base of AICPA is in more than 126 countries AICPA has Refused to sign MOU with ICAI
  3. 3.  More than 45 % CFOs of the world hold the CPA qualification Starting salary of 70k USD in North America (90k if you havean M Com) MOUs with all leading accounting bodies of the world(ACCA, ICAA, CPA Australia, CA Canada) Highest recognition in the middle east market Migration to countries such as Australia & Canada becomes alot easier with US CPA Starting salary of 7-10 Lakhs in India
  4. 4.  Completion time of 6-8 months 100% employability within 3 months of completion Starting designation of Consultant/Senior inFortune 100 Companies Expertise in US GAAP (10000 pages document andmost complicated GAAP of the world) With IFRS convergence due in India, USA is going toRule virtually
  5. 5.  Real life case based exams (unlike Indian pattern) Cost of appearing again is 2-3 Lakhs Technical expertise required for solving simulations Most of Questions are not from any question bank(unlike CA , CS etc) Passing % is 75 marks, thus more expertise is needed Visa process is also complex
  6. 6.  Thorough analysis of entire technical matter Solving of real exam questions (unlike all other CPAclasses in India) Mock exams of actual length and intensity More emphasis on solving exam questions andthus result oriented preparation Guidance on how to complete CPA along withIndian CA or other professional Indian courses
  7. 7.  Qualified CPA(USA) and CA(India) Secured 94 Marks in Audit section of CPA (highest inIndia for the window) Work experience with Ernst & Young - Audit of USFinancial sector companies Currently Working with Big4 in US Accounting Advisoryservices Formed a US accounting firm in Washington along CPAsin USA(SEVA LTD.)
  8. 8. CPAs are doing very important roles, far beyondtraditional accounting like: Forensic Accounting for FBI Leading large corporations Financial Planning/Accounting Assurance & Attest services Management Consulting & Performance Management Financial Analysis Information Technology as applied to accounting & auditing Corporate Finance (M&A, IPO, Share & Debt Issuance, VCFunding) Tax Preparation & Planning Corporate Governance Income Tax
  9. 9. CPA‟s are needed for Filing US Tax Returns Auditing companies listed with SEC Conversion Services (from Local GAAP to US GAAP/IFRS) Transaction/Advisory Services (M&A, Carveouts, spinoffs )
  10. 10. CPAs have incredible opportunities available to thembecause they are better equipped to handledemands of the market. Globalization has led to huge complexities in the corporateworld Professionals are needed with vast knowledge of both Indianas well US accounting principles US CPA has a global recognition than any Indian accountingqualification like B Com, M Com, CA, CS, ICWA or MBA(Finance) therefore creates huge differentiation to a recruiter US CPA offers much better return on time and moneyinvested
  11. 11. Course CourseDurationCourseCost(Recognition) ExpectedSalary(pa) Rs.%Employbilitywithin 3 monthsCA 4 Years 3 lacs India 5 – 6 lacs 20-30%CS 4 Years 3 lacs India 4 –5 lacs 20-30%ICWA 4 Years 3 lacs India 2 – 3 lacs 20-30%MBA(Finance)2 Years 3 – 5lacsIndia 3 – 5 lacsMCOM 2 Years 2 – 3lacsIndia 1 – 1.50lacsCPA 6months2-3 lacs Global 7 – 12 lacs 95-100** CPA can be undertaken by BCOM Graduates after passing the US Federal Tax Exam/completing 1 st year privately or regular
  12. 12. Course DesignationCA Associate consultant / ExecutiveCPA Consultant / Assistant ManagerB.Com ( SRCC) Analyst / Trainee
  13. 13.  Four-part Exams are prepared & administered byAmerican Institute of Certified Public Accountants(AICPA) Registration through any one of the 55 State Boards ofAccountancy( colardo for Indians) Computer based tests held in authorized test centresonly in USA Similar examination throughout USA Application & Exam fees varies from state to state Applications can be submitted at any time of the year Application process takes 6-8 weeks Education credentials need to be evaluated by anagency approved by the state boards
  14. 14.  The examination is offered in the first two monthsof each calendar quarter called „testing window‟.The examination is only offered in USA
  15. 15.  Candidate can take all exams in a single test window Cannot take specific part of the exam twice in the sametest window Candidate is required to pass all 4 exams within 18months from the date first passed exam was taken A passing score on any section of the CPA Examinationis 75% Exams can be taken in any prometric centre in any stateirrespective of which state the registration is done Exams can be taken in any sequence
  16. 16.  for state boards jurisdictions for exam contents and samples for membership info of AICPA for locating test Centres
  17. 17. Pass Four Exam Called Uniform CPA Exam:- Auditing- 4 hours Financial-4 hours Regulation- 3 hours Business- 3 hours
  18. 18.  Engagement Acceptance and Understanding the Assignment(12% - 16%) Understanding the Entity and Its Environment (16% - 20%) Performing Audit Procedures and Evaluating Evidence (16% -20%) Evaluating Audit Findings, Communications, and Reporting(16% - 20%) Accounting and Review Services Engagements (12% - 16%) Professional Responsibilities (16% - 20%)
  19. 19.  Corporate Governance (16% - 20%) Economic Concepts and Analysis (16% - 20%) Financial Management (19% - 23%) Information Systems and Communications (15% - 19%) Strategic Planning (10% – 14%) Operations Management (12% - 16%)
  20. 20.  Conceptual Framework, Standards, Standard Setting, andPresentation of Financial Statements (17% - 23%) Financial Statement Accounts:Recognition, Measurement, Valuation, Calculation, Presentation,and Disclosures (27% - 33%) Specific Transactions, Events and Disclosures:Recognition, Measurement, Valuation, Calculation, Presentation,and Disclosures (27% - 33%) Governmental Accounting and Reporting (8% - 12%) Not-for-Profit (Nongovernmental) Accounting and Reporting (8%- 12%)
  21. 21.  Ethics, Professional, and Legal Responsibilities (15% -19%) Business Law (17% - 21%) Federal Tax Process, Procedures, Accounting, and Planning(11% - 15%) Federal Taxation of Property Transactions (12% - 16%) Federal Taxation of Individuals (13% - 19%) Federal Taxation of Entities (18% - 24%)
  22. 22. Skills CategoryWeights(FAR, REG, AUD)Weights(BEC)Knowledge and Understanding 60% 85%Application of the Body of Knowledge 40% -Written Communication - 15%
  23. 23.  Examinations are administered in a series of 4 “testlets” 3 of the testlets comprises of MCQs For AUD, FAR and REG, the fourth testlet will include the shorttask-based simulations (TBS); For BEC, the fourth testlet will include the written communicationtasks The task-based simulations are condensed case studies that testaccounting knowledge and skills using real life work-relatedsituations The written communication tasks are designed to test writingskills
  24. 24.  Task-based simulations are condensed case studies that testaccounting knowledge and skills using real life work-relatedsituations Each task-based simulation is expected to take approx. 8 –15 minutes to complete All task-based simulations are intended to assess knowledgeand skills that are appropriate for an entry-level accountant Simulations are case studies to test the knowledge & skillsrequired for entry-level CPA
  25. 25.  While completing the task-based simulations, you will usefinancial accounting, auditing, or taxation databases The financial accounting database will include certainportions of the FASB and AICPA authoritative literature The auditing database will include certain portions of theprofessional standards issued by the AICPA and the PCAOB The taxation database will include certain portions of theInternal Revenue Code, as well as certain portions of theprofessional standards issued by the AICPA and the PCAOB
  26. 26. Section MCQs TBSsTestletTimeAUD 3 testlets (90questions)1 testlet (7 TBS) 4 hoursBEC 3 testlets (72questions)1 testlet (3 writtencommunication task)3 hoursFAR 3 testlets (90questions)1 testlet (7 TBS) 4 hoursREG 3 testlets (90questions)1 testlet (6 TBS) 3 hours
  27. 27. CourseEvaluation ofForeign CredentialFederalTax ExamCA Yes NoCS, ICWA, MBA (Fin), M. Com Yes NoB. Com + CA (Int), ICWA (Int),CS (Int)Yes YesB.Com. Yes Yes(Attested Certificates & Mark sheets of 10th Onward to be sent for evaluation)
  28. 28. Title USA CPADuration 15 full-days (Sundays)CourseFeesINR 1,00,000 (plus service tax) for Faceto FaceCourseFeesINR 75,000 (plus service tax) for OnlineLive ModeFree 120hrs Revision Online Classes Free
  29. 29.  In financial education for more than 10 years Classes by well known competent faculties Conveniently schedule weekend class Bank loan facility available as well Orientation on:◦ Exam functionality◦ How to navigate questions◦ How to use tools which are unlike those which are being used today Committed to our students success
  30. 30. ContentsDollars($)Rupees(Rs.)1. Study Material, Software and Classes 2000 100,0002. Associated Costa) Credential evaluation with state boardb) Examination Fees of CPA12010006,00050,0003. Travel Costa) VISA & Air Fareb) Expense in US for 10 days @ $70 per day100070050,00035,000Total Cost 4420 2,21,000$1 Assuming INR 50, Courier, Bank Charges & Service Tax willbe extra2,50,000 is the approx. cost
  31. 31. Modalities for payment◦ Cheques to be couriered to 1/56 B, 1st Floor, Lalita Park,Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110092◦ Cheques can be deposited in our HDFC Bank Account no.01442000012558 in any HDFC Bank Branch◦ For transferring funds on-line through net-banking NEFT,branch IFSC Code is: HDFC0000144◦ Call for Our exécutive to pick-up the cheque/cash fromyour door-stepsReference
  32. 32.  Additional fee of $550 towards exam fee for Federal TaxCourse (on-line exam + open book)
  33. 33. Contact Central Helpline no.91-99581 57000