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Story Santa Paws Saves Christmas


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Christmas story

Published in: Education
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Story Santa Paws Saves Christmas

  1. 1. Santa PawsSaves Christmas
  2. 2. Mouse is all ready for Christmas, and all he wanted and always wants, is some swiss cheese. SantaClaus knew Mouse was a good mouse, but when he came he got a surprise...
  3. 3. Santa Claus has a companion, SantaPaws, who delivers animals presents. But Santa Claus tells Santa Pawswhat to give and carries the presents.
  4. 4. But Santa Claus wasn’t sure to give the present though, because the stockingwasn’t there. So he thought Mouse didn’twant anything and had left his list from last year.
  5. 5. But since Santa Paws is close to theground, he noticed Mouse’s stocking. He thought it must’ve fallen down.
  6. 6. Santa knew that if Mouse doesnt get presents, no one does. But just before Christmas was over,Santa Paws piped up “I found Mouse’s stocking!”So Christmas was saved all thanks to Santa Paws.
  7. 7. The End!