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Career path presentation


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Career path presentation

  1. 1. CAREER PATH PRESENTATION Valeria Mendoza Professor Perri
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION“Success is often achieved by those who don’t knowthat failure is inevitable.” – Coco Chanel
  3. 3. SYMBOLSJob while in college Career after college Dream career
  4. 4. THE WAND  Student at Hogwarts.  Muggles safety.  Interacting with muggles.  Hard work.  Fun and rewarding.
  5. 5. MAGAZINE SPREAD  Fashion editor • Creative and passionate  Hard work • Organization • Discipline
  6. 6. HOLLYWOOD SIGN Dream = Actress • Movie Sets • Roleplaying • Having fun on set • Stepping out of comfort zone • Stepping into a character’s shoes
  7. 7. SUMMARYJob during college Career after college Dream career
  8. 8. CONCLUSION“Nothing is ever impossible, the word itself says I’mpossible” – Audrey Hepburn