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Newborn Baby Care: Don’t Be Overwhelmed By Your Baby’s Crying


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Newborn Baby Care: Don’t Be Overwhelmed By Your Baby’s Crying

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  2. 2. Newborn Baby Care: Don’t Be Overwhelmed By Your Baby’s Crying Newborn baby care is not as easy as is taking care of toddlers and infants older than six months and the reason why you may have trouble with providing proper newborn baby care is that the newborns are very delicate at such a young age and they are also not able to express their feelings other than by crying. Sometimes, experienced and inexperienced mothers who have difficulties in newborn baby care will descend into a condition known as post- natal depression which is not a good thing.
  3. 3. Be Informed In case you are a mother that is suffering from post-natal depression you would do well to become better informed about how to handle your condition and by reading books on how to care for infants, you may even be able to overcome these difficulties without too much trouble. Also, being informed about newborn baby care will help you to handle different situations – even those that involve unusual behavior in your baby.
  4. 4. No Harm In Taking Them Outdoors As a parent you will no doubt have heard many old wives’ takes regarding newborn baby care and a common piece of advice that you will get from older family members would be that you should not take your infant baby out of the home. However, modern thinking is very different as it has now been established that babies require getting their dose of sunshine in the mornings. It is only necessary that you ensure that the baby is dressed in comfortable clothes; cool in the summer; warm in the winter, and then there is no harm in taking them outdoors.
  5. 5. Noticing Changes In The Skin Another aspect to newborn baby care is noticing changes in the skin of babies who are just a few weeks old. This is a time when the skin may begin to turn flaky and though it may not be necessary for you to apply oils or lotions to treat the condition; you should gently sponge the skin while you are bathing your baby to remove the shedding skin.
  6. 6. Treat The Affected Areas With Ointments And Creams It is also quite common for the newborn to develop rashes on the skin and the right newborn baby care for this condition is to treat the affected areas with ointments and creams – though nothing that is of too harsh a nature.
  7. 7. Still Derive A Lot Of Pleasure The arrival of a newborn baby boy always gives occasion for a lot of joy and though dressing the baby boy is not as much fun and a challenge as dressing newborn baby girls, as a parent, you can still derive a lot of pleasure from this aspect of raising a baby boy.
  8. 8. Not Give In And Take Him Or Her Up In Your Arms Another aspect to providing proper newborn baby care is deciding whether or not it is a good idea to carry your infant when he starts to cry. Though parents are generally averse to giving in to the crying of a newborn baby, at such a tender age, it often becomes impossible to not give in and take him or her up in your arms.
  9. 9. Crying Has To Do With Their Need To Get Something Often, the reason why babies start crying has to do with their need to get something - such as needing to be fed or needing to drink milk. You can easily resolve this newborn baby care issue by comforting the baby with a small feed or even by breastfeeding the infant.
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