Baby Diaper Rash A Mothers Worse Nightmare


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Baby Diaper Rash A Mothers Worse Nightmare

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  2. 2. Baby Diaper Rash A Mothers Worse Nightmare Babies can be such delightful individuals and that is why taking real care of them can be so rewarding. The problem for most mothers is baby diaper rash as it can cause real concern and worry. Baby diaper rash is very common as was nappy rash before the diaper age.
  3. 3. Baby Diaper Rash It is said that irritation is the thing that cause the baby diaper rash and sometimes too tight diapers also cause this rash. It is not hard to see when your baby has diaper rash and treatment can be easy.
  4. 4. Occasionally Give The Baby’s Bottom A Breather The real effective type of treatment for baby diaper rash is to have the occasionally give the baby’s bottom a breather. This means on warm days you should allow your baby to lie naked on a waterproof but baby comfortable mat or blanket.
  5. 5. Gel Contains More Natural Ingredients There are many remedies that have been invented to cure baby diaper rash but the most effective seems to be the use of Aloe Vera gel. This gel contains more natural ingredients and aloe is known for its soothing properties.
  6. 6. Baby Diaper Rash Creams Most mothers usually go for baby diaper rash creams, which seem to be effective. It is entirely on the mother’s own thoughts and instincts of what she prefers to use on her baby’s bottom.
  7. 7. Prevention Of Baby Diaper Rash Can Sometimes Be Better Than Cure Diaper rash can be prevented to some degree it just takes a bit of time and practice. The key in trying to prevent baby diaper rash is to keep your baby’s bottom clean and dry. Always wash your baby’s bottom with warm water during each diaper change. This way you are sure that they are going to be clean when you put on the new diaper.
  8. 8. Wait For The Baby’s Bottom To Dry Do not always put on a new diaper straight away. Wait for the baby’s bottom to dry. As mentioned the cause of baby diaper rash is the fact that the baby’s skin gets irritated due to either being wearing a wet or soiled diaper too long or if the diaper is too tight. So you can therefore easily see that moisture is the cause of baby diaper rash and it does not help your baby if they wear a new diaper when their skin is still wet.
  9. 9. Ensure Not Wearing A Wet Diaper For Long Try to keep your baby’s bottom clean and dry and always aim to change their diaper at least twice within the hour so as to ensure that they are not wearing a wet diaper for long. In the long run it is better for you if you take these precautions as it will help you minimize the chances of your baby getting baby diaper rash caused by disposable baby diapers.
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