iPhone Application Enrollment


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iPhone Application Enrollment

  1. 1. Open innovation delivered iPhone Application Professionals Enrollment Copyright Takeacoder 2008 1 venerdì 14 agosto 2009
  2. 2. About Takeacoder.com Takeacoder.com is the only online marketplace focused on innovative projects’ delivery. We do not want to create another one low cost software developers marketplace! We are creating the first high profile crowd-sourcing service to be used by large enterprises and high valuable start-ups, which intends to innovate avoiding fixed costs related to R&D department insourcing. We need the best of breed professionals to meet this goals! We support enterprises and start-ups on having best results with open innovation! Open innovation delivered Copyright Takeacoder 2008 2 venerdì 14 agosto 2009
  3. 3. iPhone Application Enrollment An Italian start-up is looking for a qualified and high skilled team to develop several iPhone applications. The entrepreneurs, looking for a long term business relations, has been launched through Takeacoder.com a specific enrollment process: The enrollment steps are three: 1- Qualification of teams, based on past experiences and implemented best practices focused on the high level requirements described later 2- NDA signing and detailed requirements sharing 3- Quote and proposals evaluation In the end of the third step one or more team will be enrolled and two applications development will be assigned to winners. Open innovation delivered Copyright Takeacoder 2008 3 venerdì 14 agosto 2009
  4. 4. Applications High Level Requirments The first two iPhone applications shares some specific requirements: - High engaging customer experience - Application Integration with newtonmeter and all the other mobile spatial and motion sensors (we are looking for Wii experience) - Application Integration with morphing and image manipulation library (both inside the mobile phone or with 3rd party server side services) - Gaming and entertainment dynamics (the applications are viral games) - 3d and motion graphics interface - Integration with MMS and Video Camera features - Integration with external Web Service API (i.e.: Facebook Connect) Open innovation delivered Copyright Takeacoder 2008 4 venerdì 14 agosto 2009
  5. 5. Qualification Step The first step starts on 15th of August and ends on 15th of September. To complete the qualification steps some documentation is needed: - Company, or Team or Freelance detailed Profile - Developed iphone application book - Some examples of high level requirements implemented or how manage them, if not implemented. - A rough estimation of a game application witch integrate all the functionalities - Clients list After this step an NDA and detailed requirements will be shared for a detailed Proposal. Open innovation delivered Copyright Takeacoder 2008 5 venerdì 14 agosto 2009
  6. 6. Open innovation delivered Join us! service@takeacoder.com http://www.takeacoder.com/project_603_iphone-application- enrollment.html Copyright Takeacoder 2008 6 venerdì 14 agosto 2009