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Ws2812 series led upgrade instructions


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Ws2812 series led upgrade instructions

  1. 1. DIGITAL LED WS2812 Upgrade Instructions WORLDSEMI CO., LIMITED
  2. 2. The leading global original manufacturer of DIGITAL LED 3-channel dual-line IC WS2801-SOP14 3-channel single-line IC WS2811-SOP8 Dual-signal Breakpoint IC WS2818-SOP8
  3. 3. The leading global original manufacturer of DIGITAL LED DIP- Φ8 size DIP- Φ5 size DIP- Φ5 Straw-hat size 5050 size 3535 size 2020 size 4020 size DIP- F255 size
  4. 4. The leading global original manufacturer of DIGITAL LED 5050 size 3535 size5050 RGBW size 5050 size 2020 size
  5. 5. 01 IC Internal Integrated Filter Capacitor. Highly Integrated/NO external components required. 02 Reverse-connection protection The IC will not be burnt out if VCC and GND reverse conected. 03 VCC/DIN/DOUT PIN instantaneously suppresses 12V voltage. Increased the PIN withstand voltage 05 Greatly improved the consistency of the LED's color and brightness LED The accuracy of the IC output current: 5% 06 Signal recognition range reduced to less than 2.8V Compatible with 3.3V ARM & 3.0V Bluetooth Chips 07 Improved EMC/EMI performance Reducing Noise of Power Supply and Output Signal 04 Ensure color consistency even under 3.5V working voltage Driver IC's Low-Dropout performance improved. 08
  6. 6. VS Pre-upgrade Upgraded 01 Cost Reduction Simplify PCB layout & space-saving Succient & beatiful appearance NO faulty welded
  7. 7. Wider wiring for VCC & GND Pre-upgrade Program Upgraded Program
  8. 8. Actual measurement & verification Graphical Representation 02 VerificationNo protection
  9. 9. 03
  10. 10. (Actual test and verification )3.0VBluetooth Controller 04 NO electrical level conversion circuit required (Actual test and verification )3.3V ARM Controller The original ones that only support with 5V needed to raise the signal voltage to support ARM and Bluetooth chips. Actual test and verification
  11. 11. 05 The highest point slightly exceeds the national standard average, and there is still a certain margin from the highest value. The highest point has a certain margin from the national standard average, and it reaches the EMC/EMI specifications.
  12. 12. 5V-3.5Vpowered, LED keeps constant current, NO visual differential brightness Actual test & verification Light intensity tester Actual test & verification Actual test & verification
  13. 13. WS2812B-V5 WS2812E-V3 WS2812B-MINI-V3 WS2812C-2020 5050 Packaging 3535 Packaging 2020 Packaging WS2812B-4020 WS2812C-4020 4020 Packaging The following P/N are imported into the upgraded IC without a separate version WS2812S WS2812A WS2812C 5050 Packaging *Import into the upgraded IC after all inventory used up*
  14. 14. Thank you WORLDSEMI CO., LIMITED Thanks so much for your attention to our products. Any inquiry or technical support, please feel free to contact with us. Web: Email: Skype: shaoqinggirl Alibaba: