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Travelling Hacker - A Night with Mitch Altman

A Night with Mitch Altman

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Travelling Hacker - A Night with Mitch Altman

  1. 1. Travelling Hacker Masakazu Takasu @ tks teamLab (Tokyo),
  2. 2. 今日のイベントはおおむね英語で進行します 質疑は日本語でいただいてもなんとかします Almost only in English when Today’s event, but If you ask in Japanese, somebody help to you translate! And May be 10 min delay. 高須とミッチについて、日本語の記事はここです
  3. 3. I’m a Maker, from Japan. I’m supporting two Maker Faire Committees. Maker Faire Shenzhen 2016 21-23/Oct Maker Faire Singapore 2016 25-26/June TAKASU Masakazu Who am I?
  4. 4. Why Hacker is travelling?
  5. 5. Finally, you can serve and propagate the culture itself It may well turn out that one of the most important effects of open source's success will be to teach us that play is the most economically efficient mode of creative work.
  6. 6. Slogan on the Hackerspace Passport There is a world of Hackdom out there. Please go uot and explore it!
  7. 7. Introducing some memorable Hackerspace
  8. 8. Hackerspace in Denmark ILLUTRON
  9. 9. Hackerspace in Singapore
  10. 10. We are MAKERS all of us. All Makers can make innovation.
  11. 11. Maker Movement in Thailand
  12. 12. Maker Movement in Nepal
  13. 13. Maker Movement in Norway
  14. 14. We makers are all different and all wonderful.
  15. 15. I‘m writing of the book about Makers ecosystem, including Shenzhen and Singapore. メイカーズのエコシステム