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Marsface Project -We want find space civilization.-(en)

We find Human face at Moon and Mars by Alien detection Computer Vision systems.   We find traces of civilization at Moon and Mars.

Project web
Geoface Project

Lead: @ksasao
Members: Yamamoto Mitsuo Takayuki Narabu, hiroyuki yamamoto, hal seki, takayuki narabu,Masakazu Tks Takasu(@tks).

contact to marsfaceproject gmail.
Prezenteition(in japanese)
slide in japanese

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Marsface Project -We want find space civilization.-(en)

  1. 1. Marsface ProjectWe want find space civilization.
  2. 2. We find Human face at Moon and Mars byAlien detection Computer Vision systems.We find traces of civilization at Moon and Mars.
  3. 3. Previous research: GeofaceProjectby Kazutaka KuriharaWe are automatically detecting face-like feature on Google Maps using OpenCVface-recognition technologies.The below is our recent result of a public vote at EC2010 conference.
  4. 4. Kazutaka Kurihara(Ig Nobel prize winner)
  5. 5. We are using with human and cloud computingto find out alien faces.Data sources are found byhuman.Alien detection on cloudcomputing.(windows azure 50 instances)Alien photos are rated by human.Detected Alien-face-photosare uploaded to the ratingweb apps.
  6. 6. Alien Detector is made by 3 algorithms.We use 3 algorithms to get good resultsto find space civilization.Space Photos Alien PhotosHigh-Performance Rotation InvariantMultiview Face DetectionVector Boosting detectorgood for face rotate.OpenCV human face & body Detectorrobustfor a flat colorAnime face DetectorDetailed exposition author? Is owned by copyright quoted figure
  7. 7. We detect from 11,829,761,106 pixels.(12 billion pixels)Mars 10059979678 pixels.Moon 533491975 pixels.Other 1236289453 pixels.
  8. 8. Some trace of civilization不気味な仮面 原人グレイIron Mask
  9. 9. Some trace of civilizationグレイAustralopithecus(Early human being)
  10. 10. Some trace of civilizationグレイAn Alien!(Area 51)
  11. 11. Another member from India.Soham Malakar (Engineer)
  12. 12. Soham talks some terrible news…
  13. 13. its actually about the non-disclosure of the alien connection with simple wordswe have already contacted the people from the outside worldbut the US government and some other governing bodies are notdisclosing these newsthey even found proofs for the alien presencein the photographs of moon and marsbut what they do..they do not publish those ptographsthey edit themso that the common man can not seeanythingso the probability of getting a human image from the image what the NASA arereleasing is about 5 %this is my can find some information in youtubesearch "bob dean ufologist" in youtube
  14. 14. Its amazing!The U.S government making a mask to truth!We will be in danger! Terrible!But we still proceed with this project.
  15. 15. Hacking must go on,because we are hackers!And today is International space appschallenge day!Lets hacking,And Find the truth!