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MakerFaire shenzhen shock!


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I got big shock from ShenZhen MakerFaire!

Published in: Technology, Business, Travel
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MakerFaire shenzhen shock!

  1. 1. ShenZhen MakerFaire Shock!!!!
  2. 2. ShenZhen,Good Idea and Good tech And Good bussiness Japan, Unique Idea,Hi-tech U.S.A Biiiiiggg things.
  3. 3. ShenZhen,Good Idea and Good tech And Good bussiness Quitbit Smart tennis
  4. 4. ShenZhen,Make Good team HAXLR8R
  5. 5. ShenZhen,Maker’s Hollywood
  6. 6. ShenZhen,Maker’s Hollywood
  7. 7. ShenZhen,Maker’s Hollywood
  8. 8. ShenZhen,Maker’s Hollywood
  9. 9. ShenZhen,Maker’s Hollywood
  10. 10. This is my current Project. DMM.Make Japanese Makers Media.
  11. 11. Over 100 Excellent Japanese Makers! And every Makers are able to join us.
  12. 12. Exellent Project case day by day.
  13. 13. Excellent Makers, is not can only be professor and artist in Japan. We want to chenge, the way. To Japan again Maker movement. They are Maker,until die. But,They are?