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Maker Movement in Asia -Shenzhen, Singapore, ChengDu-


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SEG+ HuaQiangBei Shenzhen, 21/Dec/2016

参与全球30 Maker Faire 跨界创客“猫耳朵” 赛格国际众创下午茶之二

Report in Chinese

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Maker Movement in Asia -Shenzhen, Singapore, ChengDu-

  1. 1. Maker movement in Asia -Innovation from Everywhere- Masakazu Takasu @ tks teamLab (Tokyo),
  2. 2. I’m a Maker, from Japan. I’m supporting two Maker Faire Committee. Maker Faire Shenzhen 2016 22-23/Oct Maker Faire Singapore 2016 25-26/July TAKASU Masakazu Who am I?
  3. 3. Featured Tokyo (2012-) Taipei (2013-) Shenzhen (2014-) Singapore (2015-) Seoul (2015-) Tainan (2015-) Next Nov Hongkong (2015-) Next Nov Mini Japan –Ogaki, Yamaguchi China -Beijing Taiwan-新竹, Taichung Thailand-Bangkok Malaysia-Penang …AND Chengdu,Xiean, ChiangMai,,,, Maker Faire in All around ASIA.
  4. 4. Maker Movement In Asia -Biggest one China -Smallest one Singapore
  5. 5. Maker Movement -Bloomberg
  6. 6. What’s a Different from Before? -Cheaper, Easier, Faster Dreamer Kit, Web tutorial Prototype Maker Arduino, Digital Fablicaion Veteran Maker Online PCB, Online CNC Hardware Startup Crowdfunding, Mass Production Online promotion, Supply chain -Seeedstudio
  7. 7. Biggest one Maker’s Hollywood, Shenzhen, China.
  8. 8. More than 1000 factory in Shanzhen -HAXLR8R
  9. 9. Huaqiangbei is 3000% bigger than Akihabara. Every product [Made in Shenzhen] -HAXLR8R
  10. 10. Can buy component from1 to 1,000,000 -HAXLR8R
  11. 11. Components all around to iterate faster -HAXLR8R
  12. 12. Chinese Style OpenSource HardWare GongBan(公板) Public PCBA GongMo(公模) Public Mold,Plastic
  13. 13. You can choose any price and quality! $40 $7
  14. 14. Smart Watch in Shenzen -HAXLR8R
  15. 15. Activity Tracker in Shenzhen -HAXLR8R
  16. 16. Well known called ShanZhai 山寨
  17. 17. ShanZhai 山寨 but also Indie Design -Seeed
  18. 18. PPAP innovation I have a tablet, I have a Speker,,, Oh, Android Compo!
  19. 19. PPAP innovation I have a tablet, I have a rearview… Oh, Android reaview + Drive recorder
  20. 20. And also new interface
  21. 21. New product daily advtisement
  22. 22. -HAXLR8R
  23. 23. $45 (280 RMB) -HAXLR8R
  24. 24. -HAXLR8R
  25. 25. Software became Open source, Hardware became Open source. Patent and Copyrights are not important in Shenzhen. But, they make something new, 山塞 Shanzai makes Innovation. [Deploy or Die]
  26. 26. MAKERS, well known in China, Well miss understood.
  27. 27. Maker Tea
  28. 28. Maker LunchBox
  29. 29. Café incubation
  30. 30. China still makes only COPYCAT?
  31. 31. Meitu Best Selfie cell phone in the world -Meitu
  32. 32. Meitu Best Selfie cellphone in the world -Meitu
  33. 33. Technology from Japan, concept from China. -Meitu
  34. 34. Innovation with China
  35. 35. Seeedstudio, Maker support industry. -Seeedstudio
  36. 36. Online PCB
  37. 37. Bazzar
  38. 38. Agile Manufacturing Center
  39. 39. More Cheep, More fast, More Easy… Innovation from Biggest makers countly.
  40. 40. Smaillest one. Singapore
  41. 41. Small field (Same as Centre of Tokyo) Small population(5 million, 30% of Tokyo) Small resource (We have to buy water from Malaysia) Singapore is Small, Small, Small,,, That is [Extra hard mode] for Survive.
  42. 42. China is Bigger than Singapore Block71, Singapore Pudon Software park, Shanghai
  43. 43. But Singapore making future City.
  44. 44. Investment for ventures in Singapore over 17 billion dollars in 2013. Larger than Japan, Korea, and Hongkong. Block 71, Where lives in Over 100 ventures. Biopolis
  45. 45. Automation If company in Singapore buy automation system, such as cashier change to iPad, They will get 70 percent rebate from the Singapore government. Automation development in Singapore, and go to the world market.
  46. 46. Singapore will make [SYSTEM] More systemize, More organize, More smart.
  47. 47. ELECTRONIC ROAD PRICING (ERP) Optimizes usage of the road network by encouraging motorists to consider alternatives.
  48. 48. Minister of Smart nation office Vivian Balakrishnan His hobby is building simple robots, assembling watches, wireless devices and programming apps. He is really geek minister.
  49. 49. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong making Sudoku Solver by C++ Vivian Translated to Javascript
  51. 51. Maker Movement In Asia -biggest one China More Cheep, More Easy, More Fast, Diversity -smallest one Singapore More Expensive, More Difficult, More Long time, Smart
  52. 52. Different City, Different Maker Culture
  53. 53. 深圳Shenzhen=Scaling 成都Chengdu= People to be a Maker -Seeedstudio 成都 To be a Maker 深圳 Scaling
  54. 54. Eric Pan told at Chengdu Maker Faire 天時(timing) Chengdu also startup boom, People need new thing. 地利(Personality) Chengdu have economy networking, and people’s community 人和 (Human Resource) A lot of local makers community and culture.
  55. 55. Chaihuo MakerSpace at Chengdu Near the University
  56. 56. MakerSpace at 西南交通大学 Established at 2012, Product Design cource 2000 student. MakerSpace for fun, in free time
  57. 57. Chengdu’s MakerSpace「木牛流馬」 Established at 2013
  58. 58. Maker Faire Chengdu Art and design area, similer OCT at Shenhzen.
  59. 59. 100 booth, 110000 visitor in 2 days. RoboCon, Live show, Workshop, Talk,,,, Maker Faire Chengdu
  60. 60. Maker Faire Chengdu Different from Shenzhen,School and kids
  61. 61. Maker Faire Chengdu Same as Shenzhen,Startups Different from Shenzhen, Traditional craft
  62. 62. We are MAKERS all of us. All Makers can make innovation.
  63. 63. Maker Movement in Thailand
  64. 64. MakerSpace Thailand
  65. 65. ChiangMai Maker Club
  66. 66. Design week ChiangMai 2014,2016
  67. 67. HOME OF MAKERS by Gravitech , Bangkok
  68. 68. Dr.Pan Gravitech Born in Bangkok, company in Silicon Valley, and make branch at Thailand.
  69. 69. Maker Movement in Nepal
  70. 70. Maker Movement in Norway
  71. 71. We makers are all different and all wonderful.