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MakerFaire Taipei 2014 teamLab Presentation Masakazu Takasu/高須正和 日本Maker力:


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MakerFaire Taipei 2014 teamLab Presentation Masakazu Takasu/高須正和 日本Maker力:

  1. 1. How to Make Educational by Technology and Art. 如何用技术和艺术进行教育?
  2. 2. I’m not able to speak english well. I will try to my presentation today, in my broken english. My first message, with apologies to 李小龍, Notice
  3. 3. self-introduction My name:Masakazu Takasu I’m a maker from japan. And Fablab I love [Make:] 我叫高須正和 我愛[Make:] 東京2009- 美国 2012 台北 2013 深圳 2014
  4. 4. MakerFaire Taipei 2014!!!!
  5. 5. My Report MakerFaire 2013
  6. 6. ultra-technologists group teamLab 超技術專家小組 teamLab We are the future.
  7. 7. About teamlab teamLab is an ultra-technologists group made up of information specialists including; engineers (user interface engineers, data base engineers, network engineers, robot engineers, computer vision engineers, software architects), mathematicians, architects, CG animators, web designers, graphic designers, artists, and editors. 300 employees work in tokyo. 70% engineers. We are the future.
  8. 8. teamLab Love Taiwan! “teamLab 愛台灣” We are the future.
  9. 9. teamLab Love Taiwan! Our Most exbision at ( ) 2012 We are the Future 超技術專家小組–teamLab–的最大的展覽會在台中 的台灣國立美術館被進行了。 “teamLab 愛台灣”
  10. 10. teamLab Love Taiwan! TEDxTaipei 2012 CEO: 在TEDxTaipei,猪子總經理說了; “teamLab 愛台灣”
  11. 11. The Crystal Tree of Wishes Realtime Interactive tree 结 树
  12. 12. In Case “The Crystal Tree of Wishes” Our Technology and art -Electric circuit & structure - Real time Graphic engine(with Unity 3D and GPGPU Voxelization) -interactive web system(for every smartphone) 「願望的結晶樹」 我們的技術與藝術: - 電子電路與結構 - 實時圖形引擎(使用Unity3D和GPGPU體素化) - 互動式網路系统(在所有智慧型手機上) We are the future.
  13. 13. 13 Digital Store
  14. 14. This is my current Project. DMM.Make Japanese Makers Media. 我來給你們紹一下我的最近的計劃“DMM.Make”。
  15. 15. Over 100 Excellent Japanese Makers! And every Makers are able to join us. 這是日本最大的Maker的Web媒體和社區 我很希望用這個網站鼓舞日本的Maker趨勢。
  16. 16. Exellent Project case day by day. 每
  17. 17. Excellent Makers, is not can only be professor and artist in Japan. We want to chenge, the way. Again Maker movement,in Japan! Maker Maker Maker · They are Maker,until his die. But,They are?
  18. 18. How to Make Educational by Technology and Art. 如何用技術和藝術進行教育? e We are the future.
  19. 19. Today's children is always using smartphone and pad. 現在的孩子總是使用 智慧型手機和平板電 腦。 We are the future.
  20. 20. For the children, Digital world is fun. Real world is too boreing. 科技世界是直接反映的, 會讓人覺得好玩、興奮。 而現實世界中是緩慢的, 太安静了。 所以孩子們自然會沉迷 於科技世界。 We are the future.
  21. 21. On the TV, Mario and Angry bird are dance,jump,play with friend. But child is lie down.Doesn’t growth. ,
  22. 22. The growth of children, be used together brain and physical. Necessary to play with friends. We must let me play with friends to guide the park children. But how? 我們必須讓孩子們到外面的世界。 我認為孩子們在成長中必須使用身體和大腦。 我們必須讓孩子們到公園和朋友們一起玩。 那麼具體要怎麼去玩呢?
  23. 23. We are the future. We maid it “Real Super Mario World”! To play with friends using the brain and physical. teamLab future park
  24. 24. Hopscotch for Geniuses 跳房子的天才 The children find a rule. 孩子们发现一个规律。
  25. 25. Sketch Aquarium The children find his friends. 素描水族馆 孩子们发现他的朋友们
  26. 26. 26 Story of the Time when Gods were Everywhere
  27. 27. 27 Light Ball Orchestra
  28. 28. “teamLab 愛台灣” [台北捷運] 搭乘捷運淡水線至「中山站」, 經3號出口可抵達新光三越南西店一館
  29. 29. Technology and arts can making a lot of fun. Fun is most important for children growth. It is not only fun, but also Kickstart to growth of children. Let an use technology and art for educational. Yes we can! 技術和藝術可以讓我們得到樂趣,樂趣 對孩子們的成長非常重要。 讓我們用技術和藝術進行教育。 是的,我們可以做到! We are the future.
  30. 30. One More Thing Make:technology on my time I told about our business product. But next thing is not out business, made by only our mind. 还有一件事 现 经谈 们 业产 这 仅仅 Make: 绍 务 们 产 这 Make:technology on my time 时 间 术 We are the future.
  31. 31. This is our toilet. Our office toilet is few. Typical enginner is male. Toilet for male always under heavy traffic. 洗手间 在我们的办公室里洗手间很少。 工程师几乎都是男人。 男子洗手间里总是有人。
  32. 32. An engineer want is "don't stop my hacking". An engineer want to recognize his toilet are “open" or “closed" at his desk. Therefore we made it. Heaven’s door 一个工程师想要的是“不停止我的工作” 工程师坐在办公桌前,想知道是否洗手间 里有人? 所以,我们做到了。 天堂之门 We are the future.
  33. 33. Toilet door
  34. 34. With mouce
  35. 35. Click! Click by door!
  36. 36. toilet Server (laptop) Apache web server The mouse send a toilet situation to server.
  37. 37. Become a able to knowing toilet situation when still my eyes gazing computer. 1 click change few second. heaven's door is browser extension. 虽然我的双眼凝视电脑,但是洗手间的使用状况我 早已知道。
  38. 38. Do It With Others Heaven’s door We are the future.
  39. 39. Do It With Others “heaven’s door” @nazoking I make it web user interface! When toilet open,send alert from web page.
  40. 40. Other Enginner makes: Heaven's door become adapt cacti(recording system). We can recognise heavy traffic time. Do It With Others “heaven’s door” 其他工程师们做到: 把“天堂之门”适用于Cacti(记录系统)。就可以掌握洗手间的繁忙时间。
  41. 41. We are the Future! Thank you MakerFaire Taipei 2014 我们是未来! 谢谢MakerFaire台北!
  42. 42. teamLab Inc. Please contact me. I have many name card and stacker. Please take it! Facebook:MASAKAZU TAKASU twitter:@tks Question and Comments