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20140503 Nico-Tech Fablab Asia Network 1st Conf


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Now we try to explain "NicoNico? GIJUTSUBU".It's another maker movement in japan. But very Japanese style. It difficult to explain essence of the movement even if in Japanese language.But any way trying.

One of OTAKU-culture. They develop something robots, gadgets and so on just for fun,and share it on a video site. Most of the inspirations came from other OTAKU-cultures on the video site such as animation,games,songs.So the name of "Nico Nico Gijutubu(Engineering Department)" came from the video site's name "Nico Nico video".

Nico-Tech is a community of Japanese technology geeks and developers with backgrounds in otaku culture (anime, manga, games, etc.) who gather at the video website Nico Nico Douga and share their creations with each other. They often develop intricate yet seemingly pointless gadgets, robots, and contraptions, with fun as the sole reason. Activity in Nico-Tech can sometimes spur a chain reaction of creativity, with one creation inspiring another to develop something in response.

NicoTech? is one of GEEK and they introduce own items through the video-sharing site "Nico-Nico douga". Sometimes they realize JAPANIMATION or GAME world, but mostly produced items are useless for real life. They love feedback which is shown comment on Nico-Nico douga video system and keep creating to get next laughing.

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20140503 Nico-Tech Fablab Asia Network 1st Conf

  1. 1. We are fab-geeks / makers / tech-enthusiasts from Japan. We don’t just read or write science fiction, we do science fiction.
  2. 2. Notice again! I’m not able to speak english well. I will try to my presentation today, in my broken english. My first message, with apologies to Bruce Lee,
  3. 3. The US creates devices for first- person shooters; we use them to shake hands with virtual idols
  4. 4. Virtual Reality in Japan
  5. 5. We love to “Make: technology on our time.”
  6. 6. We love to have fun using technology Trial and error is the best part of development. Debugging is fun in programming, isn’t it? It is the essence of development - so we don’t hide our failures.
  7. 7. Stories drive our motivation Scientist Masahiko Inami invented his Optical Camouflage technology inspired by Ghost in the Shell. His favorite quote: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” -Arthur C. Clarke Engrossing stories encourage others to act. They push fiction to become reality.
  8. 8. Stories drive our motivation Award-winning science fiction author Hosuke Nojiri (@nojiri_h) is also an active member of Nico-Tech. He says “I don’t just write science fiction, I do science fiction,” and engages in various maker activities: • Launching homemade rockets • Creating ornithopters shaped like underwear
  9. 9. Stories drive our motivation Nojiri’s latest novel is a story of the future where a Fablab style open-sourced factory develops a spaceship and eventually achieves spaceflight.
  10. 10. The future can work out without silicon valley We created the ASIMO for our longing of Astro Boy. We long for Hatsune Miku and strive to make her real. There is no Apple nor Google in asia. But we do have stories - and we think that brings us very close to the future. We walk different paths from silicon valley, but all roads lead to the future.
  11. 11. We are the future
  12. 12. This presentation was crowdsourced online by Japanese Makers Our motivation is fun. Fun is what makes the future. We look forward to see you at Maker Faire Tokyo 2014!
  13. 13. We are Nico-Tech! @akira_you @drinami @hiroyeah @goroman @kairoshi @nojiri_h @needle @sandie_marie @s_osafune @tks