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A M2M system using Arduino, Android and Wiki Software


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ESKM2012, 20120920 @ Kyushu University, Fukuoka

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A M2M system using Arduino, Android and Wiki Software

  1. 1. A M2M system usingArduino, Android and Wiki SoftwareTakashi Yamanoue, Kentaro Oda and Koichi ShimozonoComputing and Communications CenterKagoshima UniversityKagoshima Japan
  2. 2. Contents• Introduction• Overview of the System• Details of a Mobile System• Usage Example• Comparison with Related Work• Concluding Remarks
  3. 3. Introduction• Wiki Wiki Wiki … friendly to People Wiki Wiki• Wiki also must be … friendly to Machines• Wiki for People and Machines Wiki Wiki • Confirm Wiki Wiki
  4. 4. • This M2M• Using ADK • (Open Accessory Development Kit)• Using modified PukiWiki-Java Connector(PJC) • Java programs to be easily embedded in PukiWiki • WikiSym ‘2011, …
  5. 5. Overview of the SystemAndroid Androidterminal terminal Arduino MEGA ADK Arduino MEGAADK PukiWiki Sensors Mobile Terminal Actuators Mobile Terminal
  6. 6. Details of a Mobile Terminal
  7. 7. Details of a Mobile TerminalPukiwikiJavaConnectorService …. <body> … When read <pre> … command: set data-2-2=0 command: get pir stat result: …. </pre> </body> …
  8. 8. Details of a Mobile TerminalPukiwikiJavaConnectorService …. <form …. > <textarea …> When write … [space]command: set data-2-2=0 [space]command: get pir stat [space]result: …. </textarea> </form> …
  9. 9. Android TerminalUSB Cable connectorPIR Light Sensor Temperature Sensor. LEDNapion DEV-08464 DEV-08777AMN2111 Vdd GND 100kΩ 1kΩ OUT 100kΩ
  10. 10. Usage Example
  11. 11. ….command: set dev-2-2=0command: get pir statcommand: readInterval=300000command: writeInterval=600000 …
  12. 12. ….result: device=pir,Date=2012/4/27 9:55:27, ave=349, sdv=6.8789 …, max=361,min=341, … device=pir, Date=2012/4/27 9:56:28, ave=349, sdv=6.8349 …, max=360,min=340, ……
  13. 13. ….graph: ymax=300graph: ymin=0graph: x=“Date”graph: device=“pir”graph: y-1=“sdv”, color=“red” …
  14. 14. Comparison with Related Work• Pachube … COSM – Open site for the Internet of Things – One of the most popular site for sensor networks – API – Relies on COSM• Twitter APIs – API – Relies on Twitter
  15. 15. • TinySCADA – an M2M system using Arduino and the Google App Engine (GAE) – relies on GAE• ProtoZOA – ZigBee, Open Sound Control, Arduino – No web technology
  16. 16. • Development Environment using ActionScript by Asakawa et al. – ActionScript -> LLVM IR -> Arduino – Our system is not only for sensor node programming but also for connecting sensor nodes and wiki sites.
  17. 17. Concluding Remarks• M2M, Arduino, Android, Wiki – Wiki sites not only for people to people but also machines to people, people to machines, machines to machines• Could – Get human motion data at remote place. – Control a device at remote place.• Would like to have your help. Ex. Direct M2M