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Tokyo meetup 20160224


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This presentation introduces you about ACI integration with Docker and L4-7 Devices like F5 and Palo-Alto.

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Tokyo meetup 20160224

  1. 1. ACI Meeting! •Container Networking •OpenStack Integration
  2. 2. Overview • ACI enables containers networking with Policy: • No need for network configuration • Automatic Policy mapping • Scale in and out the network with container growth • Using Containers as an application is transparent for the network engineer when ACI is used. • ACI brings structure to container networking • ACI allows direct policy mapping between switch network configuration and container usage 2
  3. 3. SECURITY Trusted Zone DB Tier DMZ External Zone app dbWEB External ACI Policy ACI Policy ACI Policy Abstracting / Mapping via ACI’s Application Network Profiles 3 Fw ADC Virtual Machines Docker Containers Bare-Metal Server 3 HYPERVISORHYPERVISORHYPERVISOR Application Network Profile
  4. 4. Demo Topology 4 ACI Fabric 4 Contiv plugin web1 db1 web2 db2
  5. 5. Demonstration – Setup and Steps Web Libnetwork Plugin Host-1 Contiv NetMaster Host-2 DB Web DB Application Intent Tenant-1: External  Web:80  DB:6379 Tenant-2: External  Web:80  DB:Port Docker-compose: Launch Multi-tier Application 1 Container Scheduler Automated Network, Policy Creation2 Automated Workload Creation and Scheduling 3 Policy Instantiation4 One Click Application Deployment with Policy Instantiation Libnetwork Plugin
  6. 6. DEMO 6
  7. 7. Documentation • Docker ACI White Paper - virtualization/application-centric-infrastructure/white-paper-c11-736314.html • Docker video - • Contiv - 7 For Your Reference
  8. 8. OpenStack / PAN / F5 / VXLAN 8
  9. 9. 9