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Think Act Summit Revised


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Think Act Summit Revised

  1. 1. What’s Domo?What is Domo going to Accomplish?
  2. 2. Internet tells us of what is going onaround the other side of the planet,but it doesn t tell us anything about the people who are standing next to us
  3. 3. Opening People’s Interest to people who are close to us (Gained from Facebook)Work Education GroupInterest ActivityMovie Music Book
  4. 4. Connecting withpeople who sharessimilar interestsand who are closeto us in the realworld. for iPhon
  5. 5. We rock SXSWJapanese StartUps goes to Austin,Texas
  6. 6. What’s SXSW? Most influentialMultimedia festival on the Planet
  7. 7. 36,000 Influencers 8,500 Presentations 5,000 Medias 2,000 Live Shows 200 Movies 2007…Twitter 2009…FourSquare
  8. 8. Twitter CaseOver one night at SXSW 2007, Twitter gained 100,000 Fans. Cinderella Story of Twitter
  9. 9. Foursquare CaseSXSW 2010 was all about Check-in Battle. Location was the Main Content. Battle of Austion between Foursquare and Gowalla
  10. 10. Why SXSW? To DeliverGlobal Products tothe Global Market
  11. 11. Social Impact How do you engage World’s first 3,000 users?Global Level “Word of Mouth”Strategy
  12. 12. How we make it rock? Visualize interestsof the people who came to SXSW. MoreoverDeliver Valuable MeetUp Experience with