Treasure map


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Treasure map

  1. 1. Treasure MapOnce upon a time, there lived a pirate captain named Ezekial. Ezekial and his crew of fortyfive men sailed the seas, raiding islands, other ships, and making piles of gold every day.One day, Ezekial opened his treasure hold and sighed. There was gold, silver, goldengoblets and jeweled flagons, sure. But to him, being used to the sight of gold and jewels,decided he wanted more. Pirates always want more. He ordered his men to gather ondeck. "Alright, sailors!" He bellowed. "We need to work extra hard to bring in more gold thismonth and if I see any slacking off, 25 lashes for you!" All forty five men shivered, amessage definitely passed across.So for the next few weeks, they worked hard to bring in a load of gold. It pleased Ezekialthat his ship weighed at least a few tonnes more. However, while raiding, Ezekials righthand man, Will Popeye Shellden, discovered a map hidden in a chest of a home of somepeasant. He knew he had to show it to Ezekial. He rushed back to the ship and presentedthe map to Ezekial. He carefully studied the map and discovered that the start of the map,the very island they were at. Then the red dashes hovered over the Lair of the Giant Squid,and through the cragged seas. It then lead onward to the X. The X was marked with thefossilized head of a dinosaur. So Ezekial decided to follow the map (and loot a good dealof ships on the way, of course.) and find out what exactly it meant. They eventually reached the Giant Squids Lair. Then, rather obviously, a giant squid rosefrom the abyss. Ezekial ordered a broadside to put that giant squid back in the ocean.Guess what? The cannonballs bounced right off. Ezekial had no choice but to sail away.However, the ship weighed so much from all the gold that he couldnt get away. The squidwas gaining. Then Ezekial had an idea. "Get down to the cargo hold and toss out as muchgold as possible!" He ordered. His men looked frankly shocked. But they did as ordered,and began tossing out the gold. Ezekial, in all honesty, felt like crying. He blinked back histears and realised. his life was more important than gold. His life only. Not the crew. Theuseless sods could be fed to crabs for all he cared. He got away from the squid, which wasattracted by the gold, and continued to sail through the Cragged Seas.The Cragged Seas were dangerous, as the waters were shallow and almost could notsupport a ship. But Ezekial knew the only way was through there. He kept sailing, andinevitably, they start taking on water in the cargo hold. His men started pumping pitch ontothe holes. But eventually the holes broke again, and water rose. "Abandon ship!" barkedEzekial. They could not go back to retrieve the gold, there was simply too much water! Sothey plonked down 9 rowboats and sailed the rest of the way to the island. "This treasurebetter be worth it" thought Ezekial. They reached the island, and were amazed whenEzekial tripped over what looked like... the skeletal head of some extinct giant lizard. Adinosaur! "Tread with care, men. There could be more, and alive." whispered Ezekial.They crept along, and eventually found the digging site. "Dig." ordered Ezekial simply. Hewasnt even sure what they were going to find. They stopped digging. They lifted a chestup from the ground. Ezekial licked his lips. He placed his hands on the chest. He lifted thelid... He tried so hard to lift the lid, but the chest was locked.After all this trouble, losing all their wealth, respect and their ship, they found the chest...And it was locked! Ezekial started kicking the chest furiously. The crewed moaned. Adinosaur appeared. Ezekial was... Wait, a dinosaur? Oh snap. With all the racket theymade, they had attracted a gigantic, man eating Tyrannosaurus Rex. And it wanted to eatthem. Oh snap indeed. "RUN!!" wailed Ezekial, and they did. They ran and ran. "Back tothe ship!" Ezekial ordered. "What ship?" asked Tom, a midshipman. "You told us toabandon the ship. And you threw away all our hard earned gold. Now you trapped us onthis island with its locals and its locals are dinosaurs." Ezekial gulped. "I... Uh... " Ezekialwas well and truly doomed. "GET HIM!" yelled the crew at once. And so, with Ezekial fedto a T-rex, the were crew rescued by a merchant ship passing through the area, and thetreasure never discovered, everything returned to normal. You are probably wondering,just what the heck was in that chest? Diamonds. It could have been Ezekials if he hadgone to the gym more often. Thats right, the chest wasnt locked. Ohh snap.