Road cones


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Road cones

  1. 1. Road Cones By Caitlyn Lambe!
  2. 2. Rhyming WordsWitches - DitchesRains - Drains
  3. 3. MetaphorsThe orange road comes are the hats of the witches.To dance orange dances.
  4. 4. What has happenedI think that what probably happened is that thepoet was walking down the street when hecame across a line of orange road cones, and hethought, those road cones look like witcheshats, so he decided to write this poem.
  5. 5. Similies/Metaphors The LaptopThe laptop screen sparkles like fairies wings The laptop is a rectangle of magic The MonkeysThe monkeys hug like forever soul mates The monkeys are living creatures The Tote Trays The tote trays sit like dead rocks The tote trays are caged chickens
  6. 6. The WitchThe witches nose is a pointy coneSitting on her faceWhen you see the witches catYoull run to another placeThe witches eyes are green and scaryHer ugly wort is black and hairyThe witches hair is an electrified raccoonStanding on her headWhen you see the witches clothesYou will just drop dead!
  7. 7. Thanks for Watching Bye 😜