Madison Ineen and Ant


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Christmas Poem

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Madison Ineen and Ant

  1. 1. <ul><li>CHRISTMAS ACROSTIC POEM! </li></ul>By Madison Konz, Ineen Jarman, Antoinette Korunich
  2. 2. C hristmas time is here now we all sing out and cheer
  3. 3. H ohoho Merry Christmas to you all
  4. 4. R eindeers, reindeers run on my roof
  5. 5. like bright lights when we drive past at night I
  6. 6. S now men, snow men every where I look
  7. 7. T oo many people shopping for presents
  8. 8. M erry Christmas and a happy new year
  9. 9. A mazing faces on spoilt little girls and boys
  10. 10. S hops full with busy Christmas shoppers
  11. 11. Thanks for watching and have a Merry Merry Christmas:) Maddy Ineen Antoinette