Lauras Science equipment Homework


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Lauras Science equipment Homework

  1. 1. Task 1: Science By Laura Taylorequipment description!
  2. 2. A Bunsen Burner• burner-day.php• A Bunsen Burner is a commonly used science piece of equipment, that is used to make a open single flame. It is also used for heating, sterilizing and combustion.• The piece of equipment safely gives a continuous stream of natural gas called methane or a liquefied gas! When using a Bunsen burner the heat depends on the gas, so be safe!
  3. 3. A Beaker• A Beaker is a cylinder cup with a curved spout used for pouring various liquids. Its spout makes it easy to pour because its curved in stopping the liquid from rushing out the side.The beaker is glass so the liquid is clear to see inside.• This piece of equipment can be used in kitchens for measuring products as there is number measurements on the side. • stock-photo-9564959-adding- blue-chemical-solution-to-a- beaker-isolated-with-path.php
  4. 4. A Florence Flask• Florence_flask• A Florence flask is a glass container used for keeping and storing liquids in , it is used in a laboratory or science classroom.• It has a round bottom with a tall neck to keep the liquid stored inside the round bottom. Usually they have lids as well to keep the liquids inside.
  5. 5. A Petri Dish• http://• A petri dish is a common laboratory glassware that is used frequently in testing, it is a shallow, lidded, glass dish used in a laboratory to culture cells or small moss plants. Because the glass is see through it makes it easy to see the small toxins and bacteria .Petri dishes are usually used to make agar plates for microbiology studies.
  6. 6. A Pippete• interstitial.mhtml?from=http%3A%2F %3Fid%3D57640561• A pippete is a laboratory tool used to convert and move measured volume of liquid. Pippetes are commonly used for molecular biology, analytical chemistry and medical tests. Pippetes are also glass so you can see the liquids clearly, some may be plastic.
  7. 7. A Test Tube• tube-1.html• A test tube is common piece of laboratory glassware also known as an culture tube or sample tube. It comes in many sizes but mostly finger length and width, the large ones are used for boiling liquids and the small ones are used for room temperature liquids.• Tests tubes are commonly used at chemists to hold warm, hot and cold liquids in and for keeping tablets in.
  8. 8. pzPGQrayN_RgBR3arhc2PQprecautions.php
  9. 9. By Laura Taylora Thanks for Watching :)(: