Journey to the deep


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Journey to the deep

  1. 1. The Great AdventureTo Journey To DeepOn Thursday the 25th of October the whole E-learning team went to Silo Park.First we went on a 45 minute bus ride. When we got there we had morning tea.Next we started walking to Maritime Museum I was kind of confused why we were goingto Maritime Museum but then I found out that we were going to have a look aroundMaritime Museum we got all split into groups. My BFFs and I got to be in the samegroup which made me more excited.Then we were off and away exploring. First wewent on the big pirate ship and we found a small door and went in there it smelt terrible.After that we to movie theater and watched a movie for short time because we only hadabout 1hr to go and look around the Maritime Museum.Soon after it was us to go back near the entrance so we could go and have lunch we allmeet and got our bags and headed to the play ground. A few minutes later we reachedthe playground and started eating our lunch. 15 minutes later all the classes got to playon the playground except Ruru 2 because they had to go to Journey To The Deep.After a while it was our turn to go Journey to the Deep I was so excited we walked ourway there. We waited at the entrance then we met our guide she asked us somechallenging question and we learnt some new things.The first thing we saw was a turtlehis name was Dr Turtle he was 100 years old he gave Laura a dolphin to take careof.Next we headed to a crab he was talking on the phone he was a very funny lookingcrab because one of his arm was broken. Thirdly we went to watch a show with just music and people holding these jellyfish andother sea animals at first I didn’t get the message that they were try to tell us but then Igot the message.After that we went to Mr Mussel at first I had no idea where he wasthen suddenly he started telling how terrible it was just being the only mussel then hesang a song it was so sad.Then we headed to a pile of rubbish of our guide told us thatall this rubbish was found in New Zealand waters and we can do our part by putting therubbish in the bin not in the sea.After the rubbish we saw lots of colorful star fish theywere beautiful then suddenly we heard Luck the seagull he told us that we almost to thefinish to see Henimoana the god of the sea.At last we had reached there we saw Henimoana the god of the sea she told us to takecare of the sea. Then Henimoana asked about the baby sea animal that Dr Turtle hadgiven to one of us just then Laura stepped forward by Henimoana’s throne and gave the
  2. 2. little dolphin Henimoana placed the little dolphin into coral and then she asked us totake a picture all together as a class.After that we went to the exit and our team leaders collected our life jackets we headedback to the playground to play.Soon after it was time to go home the bus arrive 45minutes later we were at school Mrs Hansen handed us a post card so we can send it toDr Turtle.I had a great time at Journey to the Deep. I learnt a lot about the sea that day I hope wecan go to Journey To The Deep again.By:Navjot