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Color Keynote

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  1. 1. COLOURAnd how it affects our everyday lives.
  2. 2. GENERAL STATEMENTColour is a very important part of our lives. It can affect our thoughtsand emotions, and make us feel happy on a sad and rainy day, ormake us want revenge on someone when they have just donesomething nice for you, and it can even make us feel hungry or alone.
  3. 3. DESCRIPTIONColour is an interesting thing. Its just like your emotions. They aremany different emotions and you are always using them when youdont realize it. Colour isnt an object, or a living thing, but somecolours seem alive and joyful with their happiness. Some colours aredark and dreary and can make you feel sad and sometimes evenannoyed.
  4. 4. WHERE CAN COLOUR BE FOUND?Colours is found everywhere you look. Although some people believethat black is not a colour, it still is a shade and looks different to everyother colour or shade. Although you dont notice it, you are usingcolour everyday. When you are getting dressed in the morning, you areusing colour. You are blending colours together and chooses whatlooks the best together and what mixes. This is just like what you doin your art class, and even when sketching or drawing.
  5. 5. COLOUR AND EMOTION FACTSHere are some facts on different colours and what emotions they canmake you feel. Red is a colour that can make us feel romantic andloving, but it can also make us feel angry, or want to get revenge onsomeone. Yellows is a really happy, enthusiastic colour. Green is ahippie, peace loving kind of colour. Sky blue and aqua and soothingcolours that will calm you down.
  6. 6. IMAGINE THIS.....Picture yourself in a world without colour. Just black, white and grey. The world isdark and sad and the smiles have been ripped off peoples happy faces that havebeen replaced by dull looking frowns. When you get dressed in the morning, allyour outfits look the same. Plain black skirts, grey shaggy tops. It would seemempty and lost. When you see a rainbow, you dont smile and gaze at the brightcolours. You take a glimpse of it and grow sadder, as it is just grey stripes in thesky. Wouldnt that be horrible? Wouldnt you much prefer to live in a world full ofbright colours where people can be noticed by the outstanding colours on theirclothes, and their wide smiles? That is what we are lucky enough to have, and wemust appreciate that.
  7. 7. SUMMARYAs you can clearly see, colour has a large impact on our lives andemotions. It can change our sad days into great ones, it makes oursmiles seem wider, and happier, it changes our feelings and helpsmake our everyday lives better.
  8. 8. Thank you for watching.All pictures drawn by Caitlyn Lambert :)