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Amandeep singh aka Inkquestive


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An Artist

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Amandeep singh aka Inkquestive

  1. 1. Amandeep Singh By: Navjot
  2. 2. Contents • Biography • Quotes • My drawing • His art • Info graphic • Credits • Thanks for watching
  3. 3. Biography • Born:31 of July 1986 • Born&raised in London • Age:26 • Male • Written name Inkquestive illustration real name Amandeep Singh • Culture:Punjabi At the moment Amandeep Singh aka Inkquestive Illustrations is on tour he is currently leaving London and heading to Toronto until December then he's going to NYC Vancouver and California. He is also making a movie called "keep calm imagination is free" My artist has no one else that does the same type of art as anyone else because he draws what he feels He doesn't just do art He's a you tuber An actor And he is the fashion industry
  4. 4. Quotes Life is like photography you use the negatives to develop
  5. 5. My drawing Inkquisitives Mine
  6. 6. Info graphic
  7. 7. Credits • • • InkquisitiveIllustration • •
  8. 8. I hope you enjoyed it!:) Thanks for watching