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Tad jameyfield asg4


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Tad jameyfield asg4

  1. 1. location: ahmedabad, gujarat, indiatype: urban planningyear: spring 2011organization: ball state university studio 402professor: nihal pereraabstract: CAP Asia, an immersive learning study abroad tour, took students toSoutheast Asia to learn from people, tradition, experience, and a different perspec-tive. The semester consisted of 2 rigorous studio projects where students activelyparticipated in a planning and built project. Chharanagar, or City of Chharas, ishome to a wonderful group of people whom face immense discrimination. InChharanagar, I lead a team of three plus chhara translators to culturally immerseourselves by mapping the uncharted slum area. Our contributions resulted inpreserving the entire area from a planning scheme that was to displace more than1,000 of the 5,000 homes of the 25,000 inhabitants. The chharas still live inChharanagar and continue rise against the stigmas and discrimination by enteringthe workforce and colleges of their choice.chharanagar
  2. 2. this ischharanagar
  3. 3. khadiachalis makannew chharanagarfree colony onefree colony twosingle chowlinavkholirajdani and arjunagar society
  4. 4. sowhat?the process of mapping was a great study ofcurrent existing conditions and the playbetween analog and digital inputs. what aboutthe quality of specific spaces such as roads?how do you move through one of the mostdense pockets of urban areas in the India?
  5. 5. the proforma figure ground
  6. 6. layers of extrusion of the“pro forma”
  7. 7. pro forma eradicated. compressiontension of existing road conditions formallyexpressed to represent the ebb and flow ofIndian traffic: scooter, bicycle,auto-rickshaw, and foot. The swells andcontractions of the cyan form express theinherant nature of “open space.” Twodimensional forma eradicated. Levels ofbuilding complexity at the informal settlementlevel must be expressed thee dimensionallyto successfully represent the complexity ofconditions and density. Imagine a manhat-tan compressed in a five square mile area.
  8. 8. gestured building density/ heightsspatial contiguity exit chharanagar