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Blogging Do's and Don't for Authors


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Do's and dont's for authors who want to get started with blogging. Originallly presented by Tai Goodwin at the WOW (Women of Words) Writer's Retreat.

Blogging Do's and Don't for Authors

  1. 1. Blogging Do’s and Donts for Authors PRESENTED BY TAI GOODWIN
  2. 2. Goal: Make social media profitable and practical Tai Goodwin , Strategist & Marketing Coach | 651-600-4700
  3. 3. Don’t: Blog without a purpose. Sell Products Community Visibility WHY? TestAwareness Your Ideas
  4. 4. My main purpose for blogging is...List yourprimarygoal forblogging.
  5. 5. DON’T: Blog without a strategy. Be Focused Be Be Consistent relevant Plan HOW? Use the your rightcontent tools
  6. 6. DO: Use the right plug-ins. Plug-ins and backend technology should…  Make it easier for you to manage and modify your blog  Make it easier for your prospects to navigate your site  Make your content and interaction secure  Make the performance of your Note: A Self-hosted set- blog faster up allows gives you more control and  Help optimize your blog and options over the plug- content for search engines ins you use.
  7. 7. DO: Engage with people through your blog. Be a guest blogger Know Invite your guest peers bloggers Know WHO? Follow your genre/topicaudience leaders
  8. 8. DO: Know your audience.Describe your ideal What other blogs doreader. they read?
  9. 9. DO: Be Authentic. Write Reviews Use Create Images PodcastsVideo WHAT? CreatePosts Lists
  10. 10. DO: Use different types of post. Place a star next to the ones that work for you.
  11. 11. DON’T: Blog Sporadically Promoting Events There’s Seasonal a Hot Topics TopicSomeone In reviews WHEN? Response your to another book post
  12. 12. DO: Use a content calendar.Best PracticeWrite: When youwrite bestPost: When yourreaders are reading
  13. 13. DO: Be CreativeBrainstorm topics for your blog:
  14. 14. DO: Stay aware of what’s going on in your field.Where else can you look for ideas? Place a star next to the three sources you will use.
  15. 15. DON’T: Keep your blog a secret. LinkedIn Twitter Forums WHERE? YourFacebook email signature
  16. 16. DON’T: Forget about your purpose. DO:  Sell your book from your site  Have a really good bio page  Include your press kit and contact information  Include testimonials and exerts
  17. 17. DO: Have an online marketing plan. DO:  Have a free download  Capture email addresses  Track activities  Use social media plug- ins to help your readers share  Think like a marketer
  18. 18. What I really want to know about blogging is...List yourtop 3questionsaboutblogging. Name and Contact Info: