Bulk SMS reseller - Be your own bossArticle Submitted by: Srinivas SakhareFriday, 16 September 2011The business world is c...
Bulk SMS can be sent from website, APIs, desktop software or Excel plug-in.What is bulk SMS reseller?They are entities who...
names and numbers are stored in databases that are provided to the SMS senders. The senderkeeps a tab on the people who ha...
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Cheapest bulk sms in nigeria


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Cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria @ 79kobo/SMS for 3000 SMS on
Buy minimum of 3000 units of Bulk SMS @ 79kobo per SMS.
We also offer Bulk SMS Reseller Website for sale for just #15,000.
We provide AFFORDABLE, FAST & RELIABLE bulk SMS services @ 79KOBO per SMS.
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Cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria, bulk SMS in Nigeria, bulk SMS Nigeria.

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    We r selling VoIP and Bulk Sms Routes .
    Please add me in ur skypes
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Cheapest bulk sms in nigeria

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  2. 2. Bulk SMS reseller - Be your own bossArticle Submitted by: Srinivas SakhareFriday, 16 September 2011The business world is changing rapidly. Economic pressure is forcing many marketing heads tofind cost effective methods to boost sales. Severe competition, scaled down profits, high salariesand unusually high raw material prices have created a tough environment. In such a scenario,advertising and marketing budget is the worst sufferer. With dwindling allocation, these guyshave a tough time creating a market for their products using the traditional methods like radio,television, newspapers and billboards.But it is history now. With the advent of bulk SMS the tables have turned once again. Marketingmanagers no longer need enormous amount of money to popularize company products andservices.But what is bulk SMS?It can be summed up in two words; mobile marketing. Bulk SMS is a way of sending text basedcampaigns to thousands of customers with just a click of mouse button.How does bulk SMS work?Well, bulk SMS uses bulk SMS sender program to do the needful. These programs make the taskof sending mass messages extremely easy. At the heart of this software lies SMS gateway; thismakes the process of sending bulk SMS a possibility. It is an easy to use, fast and reliable mobilemarketing solution. Bulk SMS sender is a great option for new product launches, newsletters,targeted marketing or simply to keep in touch with your customers.Today, it is difficult to find anyone without a mobile phone. This gadget has reached everycorner of the world and the numbers are still growing. Due to its deep penetration, it has becomeone of the largest communication platforms, providing immense opportunities to marketingentities. And one of this opportunity is SMS marketing, especially cheap bulk SMS.Many businesses such as stock brokering firms, media, travel and financial companies areutilizing this amazing, affordable and reliable marketing solution called "Bulk SMS" to advertisetheir products. With the help of bulk SMS any company can increase its sales by nearly 200%and that too in just a couple of days of promotions. It is also an excellent avenue forcommunicating with your customers and establishing a brand quickly.Cheap bulk SMS reduces the marketing costs tremendously, making it one of the cheapestmarketing avenues.
  3. 3. Bulk SMS can be sent from website, APIs, desktop software or Excel plug-in.What is bulk SMS reseller?They are entities who provide SMS credits to end users. Resellers generally buy bulk creditsfrom wireless carriers at heavy discounts and resell them after keeping a decent profit margin forthemselves.The role of a bulk SMS reseller is to sell and leave the rest of the hard work to the parentcompany. They provide the necessary support, software and control panel to the reseller. Controlpanels are typically used to mange individual accounts of the customers; it allows the reseller toadd, delete and modify users account.The reseller business is highly lucrative. It requires little investment and time. So if you areplanning to become an entrepreneur one day, now is the time. Become a reseller today.(2)The Purposes Served By Cheap Bulk SMSArticle Submitted by: Srinivas SakhareWednesday, 30 January 2013SMS marketing has become a popular way of making products visible to a wide range ofpeople. This method is reaching out to people without fail and advertisers do not have to rely onluck. There is nothing like leaving things on chance for people to notice or ignore the bill boardsand fliers. The SMS has become part of everybodys life and no matter where we are, we haveour mobile phones with us.Sending bulk SMS to people has become the new fad and this method is cost effective as well.Cheap bulk SMS serves the purposes of the company that wants to market its products to a widerange of audience. Firstly, it is easy to send and the only thing required is a PC, an SMSgateway and a person who will compose the SMS and send it.The people who receive suchSMS are a part of the potential customer list that the company creates after surveys. Their
  4. 4. names and numbers are stored in databases that are provided to the SMS senders. The senderkeeps a tab on the people who have received the SMS, and the people who have replied to itwith queries or suggestions.To be able to send bulk SMS, there is the need for an SMS gateway software. An SMS gatewayin India can be selected out of the several available. The SMS gateway is asoftware that helpsthe mobile networks to deliver the SMS to the recipients in proper time. There are several thingsthat you must keep in mind while selecting a gateway. Let us take a look at what they are:• Speed: It is important that the SMS reaches the recipient in time and there is not much delay inspite of network traffic. If the SMS takes long to be delivered, then the entire purpose is lost.• Reliability: You must be able to trust this gateway so that the SMS is safely delivered to theperson to whom you want to send the SMS. If it is lost mid-way, then there is no point in usingthe services of the gateway.• Cost: You should not be paying a small fortune for this and that is why you must compare theprices of the other gateways as well before selecting one for yourself.• User-friendly: You must not be hassled by the process and that is when you will understand ifthe sending process is user-friendly or not.Many people also resort to the group SMS function to make their products popular. Though thisis more popular among smaller and close knot groups, it is effective nevertheless. This methodis popular when the company in question is local and not global. Groups are created and onceyou send an SMS to a group, all the members will receive the same at the same time. It is likethe user groups you create in your mobile phonebook.Article Source: